WorkKeys Testing for Seniors

The WorkKeys test will be administered to Seniors next week during these times:
3/29- 1st hour
3/30- 4th hour
3/31- 7th hour

This is an optional, but highly recommended assessment! I am going to attach a few links so parents and students can learn more about what this test is and what it is measuring. In summary, it is a career readiness assessment that measures employee skills. We will test in 3 areas including Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Locating Information. Employers may recognize, request, or require job seekers to have a Career Readiness Certificate to accompany an application. Here is a list of Alaska employers that are using the Career Readiness Certificate in their hiring process:

 I highly recommend students who are interested in the Trades field and apprenticeships to take the WorkKeys assessment. 

 Also, please remember that the results of this assessment can be used as a qualifier for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. A 5 or better on each assessment will be a partial qualifier for students interested in pursuing a career or technical school.

Please call Lindsay Pinkelman at 895-4460 for more information.

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