Employment: Food Service Worker I

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2011               Closed:  Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Position: Food Service Worker I
Location: District-wide
Pay Grade:   Level 1  (Starts at $13.75/hour)

Delta/Greely School District is looking for a Food Service Worker.  The main responsibility of the position is assist in the preparation, serving and clean-up of school lunches.  The position is a part-time  (3 hours/day) permanent position.  Food Service Workers work while school is in session, so the job is for 183 days/year based on the school calendar. 

As a permanent position, the employee is a part of the bargaining unit and therefore, protected by the negotiated agreement between DGESPA and the District. 

Interested individuals should submit an application via the Applitrack system.  The link to this application can be found on the DGSD website under “Employment”.  

For more information please contact Laural Jackson in the Superintendent’s Office,
(907-895-4658) or ljackson@dgsd.k12.ak.us

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