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Proprosed Business Meeting Agenda ~ May 27

Proposed AGENDA

Delta/Greely School Board
Business Meeting, Thursday, May 27, 2010

TIME: 7:00 PM
PLACE: School Board Conference Room, Delta High School

Michael McCowan, President
Tana Wood, Vice President
Eileen Herman, Clerk
Richard Mauer, Treasurer
Flower Cole
Richard Anderson
Michele Trainor
Anna Byam, Student Representative
LTC Chris Chronis, Military Representative

A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. Establishment of a Quorum
E. Public Comments
F. Adoption of the Agenda
    1. Reading of the Board Mission Statement
G. Correspondence to and from the Board
H. Financial Report –Kim Johnson and Dr. PJ Ford Slack
    1. Draft DGSD FY11 Budget
I. Information Items
    1. Superintendent/Committee Reports
    2. AASB Opposition to Proposition 1 (Anti-Corruption Initiative)
J. Action Items
    1. Consent Agenda – All items on the Consent Agenda are approved at the approval of the agenda.
        a. Approve minutes from May 6, 2010 Business Meeting
    2. Approve FY11 Employment of Certified Teacher Brandy Eyre
    3. Approve FY11 Employment of Certified Teacher Milt Hooton
    4. Approve FY11 Employment of Certified Teacher Lindsay Ohlert
    5. Approve FY11 Employment of Certified Teacher Holly Stewart
    6. Approve FY11 Employment of Exempt Employee Kendra Moore, Superintendent/Board Secretary
    7. Approve DGSD Policy Manual Changes
    8. Approve Weatherization Project Change Order No. 25
    9. Approve Student Representative to the Board
   10. Executive Session in Accordance with Board Policy 9321 and AS 44.62.310 for the purpose discussion of the Superintendent’s Contract.
K. Discussion Items –
   1. Work Session/Board Meeting Schedule
        a) June 10, 2010 Thursday – Business Meeting
L. Public Comments
M. Comments from the Board
N. Adjournment

Mission Statement: The Delta/Greely
School District provides each student with opportunities to become a responsible and productive member
of society.

2010-2011 Board Goals

Goal #1: The Board will make informed decisions about student achievement by using a variety of indicators and assessments.

Goal #2: The Board will determine the most efficient and/or effective facility, classroom, and administrative assignments for student achievement.

Goal #3: Improve student attendance.

Goal #4: The Board will emphasize strategic communications to foster community awareness of the role of the School Board.

Adopted 2/18/10

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