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Preschool Students Welcome for Screening

The annual Preschool Screening for three and four year olds will take place from August 26-28 at Delta Elementary School. For new preschool students, entrance into the program includes a two step process. First students will be “screened”. “Screening” is a quick look at developmental milestones in the areas of communication, physical development, cognitive thinking development, social/emotional development and self help skills. The screening provides parents with good information about how their child is developing in comparison to expected normal development. All parents of three and four year olds are welcome to bring their children to this screening.

Since the Delta Preschool Program is designed specifically for students who have Special Educational needs, those students for whom the screening indicates there may be areas of concern will be invited to participate in the second step of the enrollment process. The second step of the Preschool enrollment process is the “Evaluation”. This is a more complete look at students who may have demonstrated concerns during the screening process. At such a young age, it is sometimes difficult to get a good feel for what a student can do in a short time. Students are often shy and don’t necessarily respond well to the new situation. For this reason, a more complete evaluation will allow staff to see the child in a more comfortable setting and a chance to see their true capabilities. During this evaluation time, it is also possible to bring in specialists to evaluate those students having difficulties in specific areas. Parents may need to provide transportation for their child during this evaluation period.

It is possible that students demonstrating significant developmental delays may have a disability affecting their learning. For these students early entrance into school will be very important. The sooner education begins, the more likely the child will either be able overcome the disability or, at the very least, the gaps in learning will be minimized.

After completing the evaluation, the parents of students having significant developmental concerns and meeting the State definition of disabled, will be encouraged to enroll their child in the Delta Preschool program for the remainder of the school year.

Research has demonstrated that the earlier intervention starts for students with learning difficulties, the more successful those intervention strategies are. Delta/Greely’s preschool special education program is designed to help those children most in need of early intervention so that they have the greatest chance for success.

Parents of four-year-olds who do not qualify for the program based on having a disability may enter their child’s name into a lottery drawing by calling the Delta Elementary School office. Between 2 and 4 non-disabled students will be chosen to participate in the program. This drawing will be made during the week of September 14th and parents will be notified by September 18th. Students chosen through the lottery process will begin preschool the week of September 21st.

Parents with questions about the program should contact the school at 895-4696.

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Teachers and Aides Have Returned

21 – All teachers and aides return to the schools
21 – All DGSD staff breakfast, 8:30, DHS MPR
24 – Professional Development Day – No School
25 – Professional Development Day – No School
26 – Teacher Work Day – No School

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Bienvenidos, Wilkommen, Привiт, Welcome..

Every new school year brings many changes and this school year is no different. Delta High School is finishing up some changes in the first phase of the winterization project. Change can be exciting and provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute in a positive way. All of us should take a moment to look at the contributions we can make to ensure a successful and productive school year.

The summer was short and soon all of us will have an opportunity to visit with old friends, make new friends, and start a new school year with all of the same excitement and new experiences that it will bring. Staff at New Horizons High School and the Delta Cyber School are preparing for the return of students. You can expect that the faculty and staff have put every effort into making the school year will be both academically challenging and rewarding. Gerstle River School students and staff are already off and running for the new school year.

The Delta Cyber School is currently enrolling students in a wide variety of courses ranging from a full Home School curriculum to individual classes that students can take to advance their education or as credit recovery and allows DCS students to participate in DGSD sports and other activities. Students will have an introduction to online coursework and receive instruction in the Blackboard class format (prior to the start of their coursework) so anyone is capable of taking cyber classes. The first day of school is August 27th for both online students and NHHS and DGHS students that are taking classes in the Cyber School lab.

Gerstle River School had the honor of starting off the DGSD 2009-2010 school year on August 11th with Mr. Curran returning to Gerstle River. We look forward to a good school year filled with learning and fun. Additionally, last school ended with the graduation of Zoya Kuzmin.

New Horizons High School has continued to serve as a more “school within a school” alternative education program. The staff of the school has begun curricular preparation for the returning students and we will have a number of new enrollees for the current year. The school was designed to give students another option to complete their education while getting the help they need in a more individualized classroom.

Whether you are a New Horizon Mustang, a Cyber School Explorer, or a Gerstle River Ram we look forward to providing you the education to make your future dreams possible.

Duncan R. Ware
Principal of DCS, NHHS, and GRS

For more information please stop by the New Cyber School location (Formerly the District Office, inside the DHS building by the bus lot and New Horizons). Call (803-1143) or email me.

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