Welcome to All New and Returning Delta/Greely School District Families

There is a touch of snow on the Granite Mountains and the fireweed is full of seeds and that means that it is time to come back to school. We all want to welcome you to our Delta/Greely Learning Community. We believe that we offer a wonderful small and personal learning environment for all students. Delta/Greely School District offers a variety of learning options with our Cyber program and alternate high school. Please talk to the principals or counselors if you need something specific for your student.

We hope you have noticed our facelift that at the Delta Secondary School Complex. This is part one of a two year weatherization project for our secondary students and staff. The new exterior represents an effort to make the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There are many safety changes that occurred on the inside of the building too. Stop by and meet Delta High School Principal Robert Grimes or Delta Cyber School/New Horizons and Gerstle River Principal Duncan Ware. Get them to show you around. The weatherization project offers a safe and well lighted building for learning and other community events.

In the Delta/Greely School District we believe that everyone can make a difference to a child’s learning. We are always looking for volunteers. Perhaps your students have all graduated and moved or you are new to the area. If you have a skill and a love of learning we would love to have you. Our goal is for all students to graduate. There is no better way to assure that this happens then to have mentors from the community check in with students. Please take time to consider volunteering at one of our schools.

Board meetings are held at the Delta High School complex. The meetings are open to the public and start at 7PM on the first and third Thursday of the month. Call Mrs. Rachelle Stebbins for details. (895-4657 ext. 21)

We may not want to think about winter but it will show up soon bringing its own beauty and challenges. KDHS (95.5 FM) is one the district’s communication tools. It is the first station that will report school closure. We will also post on the district website and the Delta Website. Remember temperatures are not consistent in the Delta/Greely area. Our school cut off is -50 however we encourage parents to exercise judgment when the temperature reaches -39 at your home. The official reading is taken at the district office at about 4:30AM on a calibrated thermometer. All students must wear appropriate winter clothing to ride the school bus.

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