Welcome All Kindergarteners

All children who are five years old before September 1 are eligible to attend Kindergarten. This is an exciting time for children but can also be somewhat scary. Kindergarten provides children the opportunity to develop skills that will be needed during their school career. We work on language skills, physical motor skills, social skills, and thinking skills. Delta schools focus on using developmentally appropriate materials and strategies to work with young children. This allows them to learn through music, physical activity, art, literature, and lots of hands-on materials.

In Alaska, kindergarten is not required. It is up to parents to decide if their child is ready for the program or if they would rather wait to enroll their child directly into first grade as a six year old. Some parents feel that while kindergarten would be beneficial, their child is not ready to attend a full day of classes. For those parents, Delta/Greely School District offers the flexibility of being able to pick your child up from school at 1:00. We only ask that you be consistent about this pick up time so that the classroom can maintain a schedule for the sake of the other children.

If you do have a child entering Kindergarten, you will need the following items: a recent physical, proof that immunizations are up-to-date, and a birth certificate. If your child has had a name change since birth, you will need to bring proof that this has been a legal change. If there are custody concerns, legal verification of who has custody should also be presented.

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