DGSD Welcomes 3 New Administrators and 8 New Teachers

There is bound to be lots of enthusiasm and energy with three new principals and eight new teachers joining the ranks in the Delta/Greely Schools this year. All three site principals have been on the job since late July and you may have already had a chance to meet them at one of the many community functions they have attended including the Deltana Fair and the FG National Night Out. Robert Grimes will be taking over at the helm of the Delta High School replacing Rod Schug who is now the Superintendent of Yakutat School District. Mr. Grimes is an experienced principal coming to Delta from Georgia. Patrick Mayer will be filling the shoes of Dan Cooley who has traveled abroad to Indonesia with his family. Mr. Mayer comes most recently from Humboldt County California; however, he has prior experience as an administrator in the Mat Su School District. Duncan Ware will be serving as the itinerant school principal for Delta Cyber School, Gerstle River School, and New Horizons High School. Mr. Ware comes to us as an experienced principal from Tennessee.

Eight new teachers will be working with our students this year; though some of them aren’t really that “new” to the area. Colton St. Peter is a graduate of Delta High School and will be enjoying his first year of teaching as the Physical Education Teacher at Fort Greely School. Maple Ruehs has worked for the past three years as an aide for the school and now will be the PreSchool Teacher. Sherri Netardus will be returning to the High School as a Science teacher after completing the year last year in that position. Sherri has also taught for the Delta Cyber School in the past. Samantha Kiser and Erin Dvorak are local residents who have been substituting in the schools for the past couple of years and are now becoming “official” teachers. Both teachers will be at the Delta High School with Ms. Kiser teaching Special Education and Ms. Dvorak teaching Mathematics.

Only three of the new teachers will be totally new to Delta. They include Elizabeth Bender our new MS and HS librarian. Like Mr. Grimes, Ms. Bender is traveling here all the way from Georgia. This will be her first time as a school librarian though she has worked in public libraries in the past. Mark Biberg hails from Tuluksak, Alaska on the Kuskokwim River. Mr. Biberg will working for Delta Cyber School and will be stationed in Anchorage. Finally, Elena Sagastume is our most recent hire. Ms. Sagastume will be teaching Special Education at Fort Greely School as Mr. Weller is transferring to a District-wide position to assist with transitioning Special Education students and completing required assessments. Ms. Sagastume comes to us from Fairbanks and is an experienced Special Education Teacher.

We are looking forward to a great year with a wonderful mix of experienced and new teachers. They are full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm for teaching the students of this District.

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