DGSD – Child Find

Child Find is a statewide effort to locate and identify children ages 3-21 who are either in or out of school and in need of a specialized educational program.

Alaska’s legal regulations along with federal regulations (IDEA 1997) guarantee that all school age children have the right to a free public education. There are, however, children not attending or home-schooling for other reasons. Even though you most likely do not have a child in your home who is of school age but not receiving education, you may know about a child who is.

The schools have an obligation to provide a wide variety of services to assist students with disabilities reach their potential. Please join and support this campaign to locate unserved children.

If you know of such a child, call (907) 895-4657, or send information to: Laural Jackson, Assistant Superintendent Delta/Greely School District P.O. Box 527 Delta Junction, AK 99737

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