Susitna River Coalition Launches New Website

Today, the Susitna River Coalition (previously Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives) launched its expanded new website aimed at providing information about the state of Alaska’s proposed Susitna-Watana dam.

The Susitna River Coalition (SRC) is a 501c3 nonprofit registered in the state of Alaska.  Our members include a growing community of more than 15,000 individuals, groups and businesses.  SRC works to ensure the water, land, fishing and hunting resources of the Susitna Valley remain intact for current and future generations.

The new website is one way SRC is responding to the rapidly increasing interest, both in Alaska and across the nation, in the state’s plan to build the 2nd tallest dam in the nation on the Susitna, a wild glacier-to-sea river located in the heart of Southcentral Alaska.  The river supports all five species of Pacific salmon, including the fourth largest run of wild Chinook salmon in the state.

The new website can be accessed at

Contact: Susitna River Coalition Board President Mike Wood (907) 354-5815
Or email:

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One Response to Susitna River Coalition Launches New Website

  1. Doug Glenn says:

    Whitney that is the stupidest comment regarding helicopters I have ever read. We want these studies done using helicopters that way the land does not get trampled. I am also 100% for this Dam. Hydropower is clean compared to all other forms of mass power generation. I find it unreal that your group of hippies support fossil fuel burning for making electricity. Further benefit to flood problem Talkeetna is the dam will be able to regulate water flow during wet times and keep town above water. Cheers Doug

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