Pursuing Further Education

In an effort to encourage people of all ages to pursue further education, the American Educational Guidance Center has added an infographic to one of its websites to illustrate the economic advantages of higher education.

Among the several facts that the infographic (http://www.college-scholarships.com/college_pays.htm) illustrates is that the difference between the lifetime earnings of an average high school graduate and the holder of a graduate degree is enough to purchase 2,600 Ipads, a personal jet, or a private island.

“Our goal is to make as many people as possible aware of the benefits of undergraduate and graduate degrees”, says Mary Rosenfield of the American Educational Guidance Center.  “That’s why we have placed code on the infographic page so that other organizations and individuals with websites can add our infographic to their sites if they wish.  The more people who see the infographic the better”.

“Research has clearly demonstrated that degree holders earn substantially more money, experience higher job satisfaction, and enjoy many more career options.  Also, the unemployment rate of degree holders is approximately half that of workers who have not gone beyond high school”, Rosenfield added.

The “College Pays” infographic appears on a 200 page higher education website (http://www.college-scholarships.com) which also includes college and university contact information, listings of career colleges, traditional colleges and online colleges, information on scholarships and financial aid, college admissions advice, an online GPA calculator, a list of comprehensive programs for students with learning disabilities, a list of historically black colleges and universities, a list of Christian colleges, a list of colleges for women, links to more than 55 free scholarship search websites, and related topics of interest to college-bound students.

For information or comment, contact Dan Rosenfield at aegc@earthlink.net or (337) 296-4000.

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