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Sustainable Livestock Production in Alaska

October 13 & 14, 2011
Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

The words ‘food sustainability and food security’ seem to crop up everywhere today and are particularly relevant in a state like Alaska where approximately 85 percent of everything we eat is imported.

Today, agricultural production is possible, productive, and active in many parts of the state, especially with respect to smaller-scale production in the Interior, the Matanuska Susitna Valleys, and in Southeast Alaska.

This workshop provides a venue for bringing together Alaska professionals in livestock production, marketing and policy to:

Identify best practices that work – from the production of healthy meat to the health of the ecosystem.

Identify barriers to sustainable red meat production – from farm to market issues and consumer attitudes, preference and choice. Identify how the university can work in
collaborative ways to support the development of sustainable agriculture through research, education and extension.

Alaska is uniquely positioned to design and develop an agricultural and food production system that is unencumbered by outdated practices and old attitudes. Developing sustainable food systems is the first step toward food security, and demonstrates our strong commitment to sustainable food systems for all Alaskans.

For more information please go to

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Photo of the day August 30

This image shows Dean just after being presented with a team-signed classic old softball (purchased from Joanne Heitman) as a token of appreciation from the Cummings Sawmill Softball Team. Dean has been our sponsor for many years now and did not miss a game all season. We finished up our league play in first place (B,C, and D leagues) and placed 5th out of 16 teams at the State Tournament in Anchorage last weekend. A final presentation to Dean will be given at a team end-of-season BBQ that was crafted by Jo at the FGA Wood Shop. Photo Courtesy Mike Kingston

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Workshop Wednesday, August 31

Learn the best way to care for your lily bed. Now is the time to divide your bulbs and start another bed or perhaps give some to your friends and neighbors. You’ll learn some tips on the best care and management of your plants and how to put your bed to rest for the winter.

These weekly workshops will be held at the Delta Farmers’ Market at 1:00 P.M. and are free of charge. They will be our last workshops for this year. We will be holding our weekly workshops again next year. If you have something you’d like to learn how to do or more about, be sure to mention it to Katie, our market manager. She’s the “pottery lady” and easy to spot at the market.

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Photo of the day August 29

These common Alaska Harebells were photographed near Donnelly Dome on June 21, 2011 along the fiber optic line that runs parallel with the highway. The opening in the tree cover along the line provides good sunlight for all types of Alaskan Wildflowers.
Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos

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Sean Purucker ~ WOW Winner

US Designer Scoops Three WOW Awards: Six Awards Go to the US in Total

At tonight’s prestigious Brancott Estate World of WearableArt™ (WOW®) Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand, American designer Sean Purucker scooped up three awards, with three other American designers also winning awards.

The successful designers from America are: Sean Purucker, Lorene Ireland, David Herbert – who were in Wellington to receive their awards tonight – and Frank Strunk III. They were amongst 35 winners of this year’s Brancott Estate WOW® awards, sharing the $150,000 prize pool. For the first time, there were also eight Honorable Mentions at WOW®.

Sean Purucker, California. First place, Children’s section. Second Place, Sustainability
Award. Second place and Honorable Mention, American Express Open Section.

Sean Purucker is a Costume Fabricator from Toluca Lake in California and he has received an award for all three of his entries in this year’s show. Sean is a regular entrant to WOW®, having entered 12 garments in the show since 2008. He has previously won both the WETA Award and WOW Factor Award.

Pretzella, Sean Purucker, United States Winner 2011 Children's Section

This year, his entry Pretzella won top prize in the Children’s Section. He describes this garment as playful food that mimics the bow on a child’s dress.

He describes his entry Lucid Epiphany, which was Second in the American Express Open Section, as being ‘a living dream catcher, inside a pomegranate.’

“Lucid Epiphany represents the struggle to remove life’s worries, allowing you to depart from insomnia, and being left with restful peace,” he says.

Meanwhile, his garment Steamy Affair is made out of steamer baskets, plastic and chain. It received an Honorable Mention in the American Express Open Section and Second place in the Shell Sustainability Award. “Relationships are great when they are healthy, as shown with the steamer basket clothing,” Purucker says. “But, the garment also represents armour that people hide behind, protecting their identity if someone chooses to complicate their relationship.”

Lucid Epiphany, Sean Purucker, United States 2011 American Express Open Section - Runner Up

Sean grew up in Alaska, surrounded by nature and beauty, and he found out about WOW® by accident while looking on the internet for wire artwork; he makes “little wire people” and sculptures for a hobby.

He says he mostly uses real life events as inspiration for his creations. Many of his ideas are planned long ago, and take quite a bit of time to construct and build.

He says he gets a lot out of WOW®. “I like to walk away from each WOW® experience knowing we have showcased the thing that we love to do in the crazy and busy lives we all have, and hopefully we have five minutes just to enjoy the things that we create.”

WOW® founder and co-judge Suzie Moncrieff says there were so many incredible entries this year, that it was one of the most difficult years to judge.

“The garments this year are of a very high standard, so we have added Honorable Mentions to some of the sections, as we felt these entries, such as Steamy Affair needed the recognition they deserved,” says Moncreiff. “It is always inspiring to see new and exciting ideas used to create the amazing works of wearable art for the show, and we acknowledge the many hours and dedication that has gone into making them”.

Lorene Ireland, San Diego. First Place, Air New Zealand Kiwi Icons Section

Lorene Ireland from la Jolla, entered two garments in this year’s WOW® Awards Show, and has won First place in the Air New Zealand Kiwi Icons Section with her garment, Isabelle, which is made out of sea shells and fine china mosaic.

“As an artist, I have explored many mediums and forms of expression, from the most
abstract to the traditional,” she says. “I especially enjoy sculpture because it gives me more freedom to explore the many facets of figurative art.”

Thrilled at being nominated as a WOW® finalist, she hosted a special wine and cheese
reception at her California gallery last week, and travelled to Wellington this week, to
attend the WOW® Awards Show.

WOW® founder and co-judge Suzie Moncrieff says Isabelle “Encapsulates the theme of New Zealand Icons, and how we reminisce the past when collecting shells; a time when creating ornaments and vases was a popular pastime for New Zealanders.”

Frank Strunk III, Florida. Second place, WOW® Factor Award.

Self-taught artist Frank Strunk from St Petersburg in Florida entered Feminine Mettle in the Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section, which has awarded him a WOW® Factor Award, chosen by Suzie Moncrieff as “the most innovative garment with the WOW factor.” Frank has now entered the show three times – in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In addition to this year’s award, he also received a Highly Commended prize in 2009.

He describes Feminine Mettle as a stunning, festive bustier; a dress with an industrial edge for that special occasion.

“My goal was to turn metal from a material used for armour in battle into armour to show curves, strength and beauty; to form the metal so that it mimics the characteristics of fabric,” he says. “The female anatomy is so complex, I used geometry, hammer forming, mechanical fasteners and imagination to create Feminine Mettle, a play on words to celebrate the beauty and tenacity of the feminine spirit.”

Suzie Moncrieff says Feminine Mettle “has an edgy approach, and is beautiful, while being strong.”

David Herbert, Chickasaw. Second place, Wellington International Award.

First time WOW® entrant and metal artist David Herbert entered Modern Warfare in the
Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section, and was runner up in the Wellington
International Award.

He was in Wellington tonight to receive this award, which recognises the creativity and
excellence of international designers, going to the best international entries.

David Herbert, a shipbuilder by trade, only started doing metal art just over a year ago. He says Modern Warfare was inspired by old world armour with a sleek sexy look for today’s women.

“I have never done anything like this and didn’t even know WOW® existed,” he says. “I love art and design and was approached by a local gallery to create an outfit to enter into
WOW®, and a local art show. The entire costume was made without the use of a model,
and was based on measurements only. I am completely flattered to have made it this far,
and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Suzie Moncrieff says Modern Warfare is a beautifully constructed piece. “It is made out of the difficult material of steel and it creates a futuristic avant garde piece with dramatic
presence on stage.”

In New Zealand’s capital city Wellington, all 2011 Brancott Estate WOW® Award Show
winners and finalists are transported into a world of fantasy and surrealism, reminiscent of the work of the late Italian Film Director Fellini. The Show is two hours of wall-to-wall
colour, energy and creativity, in a stunning choreographed performance featuring the full company of Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) dancers, professional dancers from
Wellington’s Footnote Dance and the entire first year of the New Zealand School of Dance.

Every night, show goers are also treated to cameo appearances by celebrity guests – true
New Zealand icons – during the Air New Zealand Kiwi Icons section.

There are still a few coveted tickets available to see this world-renowned show. To
purchase go to

The World of WearableArt™ is a concept created in 1987 by Suzie Moncrieff, to take art
off the wall and adorn the human form, then showcase each creation in a dramatic
setting. A new way to experience art and fashion was born back then, and Suzie
Moncrieff called it WearableArt™. The world renowned annual World of WearableArt
Awards Show in Wellington is proudly a New Zealand event, and now attracts over a

Sean Puruker:
Lorene Ireland:
Frank Strunk
David Herbert:

Brancott Estate World of WearableArt™:
For more information, releases and imagery go to the WOW® online media library at or contact us at To arrange further comment please call 021 547 585 or 021 547 864.

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Weekly Gas Updates

Alaska, August 29- Average retail gasoline prices in Alaska have risen 13.4 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.92/g yesterday. This compares with the national average that has increased 2.8 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.61/g, according to gasoline price website

Including the change in gas prices in Alaska during the past week, prices yesterday were 49.0 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 2.6 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. The national average has decreased 9.1 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 91.6 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.

“Retail gasoline prices finished last week quite strong in some areas on concern surrounding Hurricane Irene,” said Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst. “The concern surrounding refinery production on the East Coast helped boost gasoline prices outside that area as well. The good news for motorists is that damage to refineries was likely minimal and gasoline production will resume soon. However, with Labor Day weekend fast approaching and these refineries taking days to resume production we still may see retail prices gradually climb during this week,” DeHaan adds.

About operates over 200 live gasoline price-tracking websites, including was named one of Time magazine’s 50 best websites and to PC World’s 100 most useful websites of 2008.


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Photo of the day August 27

This cow moose with a newborn calf are beating feet as there are three grizzly bears, a sow with two three year old cubs only 100 yards away. The photo was taken at the Savage River in Denali National Park. Photo by Steve Thomas

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Mega Force Coming to Delta

As seen on ESPN, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Steve Harvey’s Big Show and America’s Got Talent:  Steve Carrier, Guinness World  Record Holder is coming to Delta

Friday, September 2 at the Delta High School small gym – 7pm.
Saturday, September 3 at the Delta High School small gym – 7pm.
Sunday, September 4 – First Baptist Church morning service
Sunday, September 4 – Living Waters Assembly of God – 7pm

Fun for the whole family.

This event is sponsored by the Delta Christian Ministerial Association.  For more information contact: Pastor Doug at (907)895-4455.

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Soup Day ~ Thanks

It’s delightful to know that so many people put “Soup at the Sullivan” on their calendar and arrive in anticipation of all those savory soups (14 total), breads, tea, and oh my, the ice cream.

The weather performed quite nicely allowing guests the options of outdoor dining – which was very much needed to facilitate the crowd. It is estimated around 100 folks
were served from 11:30 – 1:30.  The cream soups are always a huge hit and go quickly, however, all agreed “there wasn’t a bad crock in the roadhouse”. The breads were delicious as well, with many varieties to accompany the meal.

We have enjoyed a very wonderful group of volunteers who happily prepare these delectable soups, heavenly breads and other stuff.

And for them we give thanks.

Soups:  Sandy Dighton, Carol Dufendach, Jeff Durham, Lou Ann Fett, Debra Fortune, Laurie Franks, Ann Geise, Carol and Hailey McNabb, Phil Kaspari, Christy Roden, Janice Templin Weller, Kathy Trim

Breads:  Carol Dufendach, Courtney Durham, Lou Ann Fett (& honey butter), Rachelle Hill, Christy Roden

Scones: Janice Templin Weller, Kathy Trim

Kathy Trim provided and served gourmet tea, punch and fresh AK water

Homemade Ice Cream compliments of Carol & Hailey McNabb and Dani Markham

Ruby Hollembaek donated Baked Rhubarb for the ice cream

The set up and clean up went smoothly thanks to Lou Ann, Laurie, Christy, Janice, Kathy, Mike Farrar and our Wednesday host Bruce Grossmann.

Additional thanks to the Delta Chamber of Commerce for hosting this event and supplying various soup day essentials to make it another memorable roadhouse gathering. Thank you to the Delta News Web and the Delta Wind for posting this and so many of the roadhouse events.

Most importantly Thanks to all who attend and give so generously to help support the gardens at the Sullivan Roadhouse Museum. Without your appreciation for this Alaskan Treasure the need would not exist.

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Photo of the day August 26

This photo was taken between Delta and Tok. Alaska has beautiful scenery.
Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Bak

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Fort Greely Movies

Friday, August 26 – Larry Crowe (PG-13) – 7pm
Saturday, August 27 – Monte Carlo (PG) – 7pm
Sunday, August 28 – CLOSED

Larry Crowne – Until he was downsized, affable, amiable Larry Crowne was a superstar team leader at the big-box company where he’s worked since his time in the Navy. Underwater on his mortgage and unclear on what to do with his suddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over. There he becomes part of a colorful community of outcasts, also-rans and the overlooked all trying to find a better future for themselves…often moving around town in a herd of scooters. In his public-speaking class, Larry develops an unexpected crush on his teacher Mercedes Tainot, who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband. The simple guy who has every reason to think his life has stalled will come to learn an unexpected lesson: when you think everything worth having has passed you by, you just might discover your reason to live.   Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual content.  116 Minutes

Monte Carlo – While on a trip to Paris with her best friend and soon-to-be-stepsister, Grace is mistaken for a British socialite, resulting in all three young women flying to Monte Carlo for a charity ball, auction, and the chance for international romance. However, when a million-dollar necklace goes missing, Grace and her friends must scramble to find it before the auction is ruined and their identities are exposed.
Rated PG for for brief mild language. 106 minutes

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Photo of the day August 25

This grizzly bear buried his caribou in the gravel bar after stealing it from a pack of wolves and feasting on it for a few hours. Then it was nap time. Taken at the Toklat River in Denali.  Photo Courtesy Janice Templin-Weller

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Mystery Photo Winner for Week August 18 thru 24

The winner of last week’s mystery photo is  Debbie Clifford-Tvenge

We had 8 correct entries this week.

Debbie will receive a gift certificate from the Buffalo Center Drive-In, courtesy of John and Linda Sloan


The photo this week is of the Alaska Home Care sign. The purple “dot” is above the H in Home. It is with the group of signs near the Jarvis buildings next to the AK Hwy.

We have one mystery photo left for the season.  You still have one chance to win. Good luck with the new mystery photo.


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Photo of the day August 24

This wicked cloud hung over the Donnelly Flats area on Friday the
5th of Aug, taken around 9am. This time of the year when we start to
transition to fall, and with the cooler air aloft and warmer air on
the ground we get some very interesting cloud formations! Photo
Courtesy Randi Owen

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Don’t Give Into To This Grant Company

“Grant Writer” Takes Money Complaints for Granted

Anchorage, Alaska
August 24, 2011
Seeking grants? Better Business Bureau warns that Worldwide Asset Management Inc. of Lake Oswego, Ore., doesn’t deliver promised funds to clients.

The alleged “Grant Writer,” also known as WWAM USA, has acquired 21 unanswered complaints since January 2011. BBB received 3,176 inquiries in 2010, and to date, 3,776 more inquiries have come in 2011.

Complainants—which are mostly business owners—describe the same sad story: Worldwide Asset Management contacted them regarding “pre-approved” grant money and then convinced them to pay thousands of dollars in upfront fees for application processing or business plan assistance. Ultimately, the company—run by Joseph Guiliano—failed to follow-through or respond to its BBB complaints.

To date, there are also 30 complaints issued with Oregon Department of Justice.

BBB serving Alaska, Oregonand Western Washington endows the following tips:

  • Don’t pay for “free” grants. Read the Federal Trade Commission’s warning on “free government grants” at
  • Don’t pay for lists of grant opportunities. Visit to find grants. Free information is also available at most economic development offices and public libraries.
  • Don’t pay for business funding help. Small business start-up grant information is available for free through the U.S. Small Business Administration at or contact the local SBA office.

Check out companies and report scams at For more information, review BBB’s 2009 press release: Steer Clear of False Offers for Grant Money.

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Community Meeting/Interior Alaska Hospital Foundation

Thursday, August 25
City Hall

On behalf of the Interior Alaska Hospital Foundation, Mr. Bob Brummond, a retired Hospital Administrator will speak Thursday at a Town Hall Meeting at 7:00 P.M at the City Hall.

Mr. Brummond spoke with Chamber members and Senator Coghill’s Chief of Staff last Thursday at their noon luncheon. The meeting was well attended and support was shown by Dr. Ray and Mrs. Andreassen and Dr. Norman Petty. Dr. Petty worked with Mr. Brummond in a rural hospital in Lusk Wyoming.

Dr. Andreassen shared his support and optimism for the Foundation’s desire to study the feasibility of having a small rural hospital in Delta Junction. He stated he was in 100% support of the group and vowed he would graciously open his clinic records to the Foundation for the statistics needed to do the study.

The Foundation is seeking community input and financial support from businesses and members. The future is in our hands. The Doctors and Staff at Family Medical have seen the growth and need for expanded emergency/overnight and long term medical care in our Community and the outreaching areas. Will you help us take a look and see if our Community can support a small rural hospital?

Please attend this every important Community Meeting. Your input and support would greatly be appreciated. If you cannot attend, your input and tax deductible contribution may be mailed to the Interior Alaska Hospital Foundation, at P.O. Box 671, Delta Junction, Alaska, 99737.

It wasn’t that many years ago we clipped coupons to get our first fire truck. There was a need then and there is a medical need now. We are asking for your help.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Interior Alaska Hospital Foundation
Mary K. Baker Kaspari, John B. Lewis III, Andrea S. Richard, Troxell Hebert, Jeannie Pinkelman, Dwight and Janize Nissen, Allison Long, Bob Brummond.


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Looking for Darlene Gorman’s Daughter

3.3 Jack Warren Road,  trying to locate the heir of this property.  This was the residence of Darlene Gorman.

Please contact by email:


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Photo of the day August 23

Amanita muscaria (common name: Fly Agaric) It is a very attractive and common mushroom. They can be unusually large. I could set my beverage can under it! Caps are up to 20 cm. wide and the scaly stalks can reach almost the same height. They are found on the ground in both coniferous and deciduous forest. They are a pretty, but poisonous mushroom.
Photos courtesy Barbara Tharp.


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6th Annual Soup at the Sullivan Roadhouse Museum

The 6th annual Soup at the Sullivan Roadhouse Museum (SRM)

Wednesday, August 24
11:30am – 1:30pm

“garden fresh” home made soups
fresh baked breads
home made ice cream

This FREE event is proudly sponsored by the Delta Chamber of Commerce and friends of the SRM. Donations are welcome – proceeds go towards the care of the SRM gardens and grounds.

Thank you to our gracious volunteers who provide this wonderful lunch served in our community.

For information contact the Delta Chamber of Commerce at 895-5068

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Workshop Wednesday, August 24

Planting garlic and other end of season information are the topics this
week. The evenings are getting colder and most of us have had at least one
frost. We are all hoping the summer will last for a few more weeks. But,
it’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done, and planting garlic
is one of them. Learn what types of garlic there are, what variety you would
like the best, how to plant and care for them.

Taylor Maida from the Cooperative Extension Service will talk about these things as well as other end-of-season information you’ll find helpful and useful.

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Photo of the day August 22

Three days of soccer entertainment.  7 teams participated in the tournament this year. This was a fundraiser and all the proceeds will help pay for expenses and equipment.
Photos Courtesy Brenda Kimble


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Weekly Gas Updates

Alaska, August 22- Average retail gasoline prices in Alaska have risen by
4.2 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.89/g yesterday. This
compares with the national average that decreased by 1.4 cents per gallon in
the last week to $3.58/g, according to gasoline price website

Including the change in gas prices in Alaska during the past week, prices
yesterday were 46.9 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago
and are 6.7 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. The national average
has moved lower by 10.4 cents per gallon during the last month and stands
86.7 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.

“Although crude oil ended another volatile week on the upswing, rising from
$79 to settle just above $82 per barrel at Friday’s close, overall demand
for gasoline is not likely to increase any time soon and we should not be
surprised to see crude oil slip to the mid 70s this week as the price at the
pump edges lower too,” says Gregg Laskoski, Senior Petroleum

About operates over 200 live gasoline price-tracking websites,
including was named one of Time magazine’s
50 best websites and to PC World’s 100 most useful websites of 2008.

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Photo of the day August 20

This juvenile Great Horned Owl, has almost lost all of it’s fluffy downy feathers.
Photo by Steve Thomas

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Photo of the day August 19

Summit Lake was picture perfect when we passed it on Friday night heading south to Valdez. It is pretty rare to see it so calm and reflective and I took photos all the way around from different angles and they are beautiful showing different scenes in each of them. Photo Courtesy Tracy Blais

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Fort Greely Movies

Friday, August 19 – Bad Teacher (R) 7pm
Saturday, August 20 – Cars (G) 7pm
Sunday, August 21 – Cars (G) 1pm

Bad Teacher – A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague — a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher. Rated R for sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.  92 minutes


Cars – Star racecar Lightning McQueen and the incomparable tow truck Mater take their friendship to exciting new places when they head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world’s fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours and hilarious surprises when Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.  106 minutes

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Oktoberfest Open to the Public

News Release
Connie Storch
Garrison Public Affairs Office
Fort Wainwright, Alaska

FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska – A three-day Oktoberfest featuring a Volksmarch, traditional German and contemporary music, food, beer, and games for children and adults takes place here at Nugget Lanes Bowling Center.

Oktoberfest takes place from Friday through Sunday: Aug. 26 from 4-10 p.m.; Aug. 27 from noon-10 p.m. and Aug. 28 from noon-5 p.m.

Admission is free and community members from surrounding areas are welcome to attend.

All activities take place in the tent or on the green beside the bowling center at 3702 Santiago Avenue.

A kick-off event with a Bavarian-inspired, ceremonial tapping of the keg takes place at 4 p.m. Aug. 26.

Fort Wainwright’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation special events coordinator lined up bands for all three days starting with the 9th Army Band 4-6 p.m. and followed by Ken Peltier’s country band 8-10 p.m. Aug. 26.

A Volksmarch at noon marks the beginning of Day 2 of Oktoberfest, Aug. 27. There is no advance registration and participants can choose the 3.5 or 5.5 mile route, both beginning and ending at the bowling center. The Volksmarch is traditionally a social event; walking is common, but runners are welcome to participate.

Back at the bowling center green, Oktoberfest activities and the musical variety continues with four bands performing Aug. 27.

The 9th Army band will start things off at 1 p.m.

The Avery Wolves take the stage at 3 p.m. and Eating for Two follows, pumping out ska jams at 5 p.m. The bands took first and second place respectively during the Battle of the Bands this summer at the Birch Hill ski hill. Eating for Two snagged the People’s Choice award.

Static Cycle, the band that opened for Drowning Pool here, provide the closing show, Aug. 27 starting at 8 p.m.

Day 3 of Oktoberfest hometown band, Sweating Honey entertains crowds Aug. 28 from 3:30-5 p.m. Singles, duos and families of all ages are welcome to attend all three days but event organizers are focusing on families for the Day 3 festivities noon-5 p.m.

German food like bratwurst and schnitzel draws crowds during Oktoberfest. Fairbanks restaurateurs will be on post for Oktoberfest all three days. Local businesses also provided sponsorship support, helping make the event possible.

Concert-goers do not need to stop at the visitors’ center for a pass. Drivers and adult passengers should be prepared to show identification on request.

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Photo of the day August 18

Here is a picture from a campout Troop 56 went on this past weekend to Rainbow Mountain. The weather was fair and there were still plenty of blueberries to snack on. Left to right are Dean Lambert, Joseph Mock, Virgil Stockwell, Ryan Schmidt, Brandon Schmidt, Aaron Nouchi.  Photo Courtesy Alan Levinson

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Complaints Don’t Have to Cost a Thing

Anchorage, Alaska August 18, 2011 – Lookout scam victims and dissatisfied customers! Beware of companies promising to resolve complaints, “get money back,” or recover funds lost to scammers—for a fee. Better Business Bureau has concerns about a recent complaint filed on ofPhoenix.

Legitimate complaint facilitators cannot guarantee enforcement actions, settlements or refunds; however, complaint handlers can help get responses and resolutions.

“When a transaction goes awry, consumers shouldn’t have to pay more money just to file a dispute,” stated Robert W.G. Andrew, CEO of BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. “That’s why BBB offers free complaint handling services.”

Consumer blogs allow the public to express concerns, but don’t give businesses an opportunity to respond. When disputes arise, BBB encourages consumers to attempt to resolve complaints with companies first. If assistance is needed, file complaints for free with the following agencies and organizations:

  • Better Business Bureau:
    BBB accepts complaints on consumer-to-business and business-to-business transactions that involve advertisements and sales of products or services. BBB processes written complaints and publicly reports a record of complaint resolutions on businesses’ BBB Business Reviews, which are available for free at or 907-562-0704. Fill out BBB’s Online
    Complaint Form
    to file instantly or use the Downloadable
    Complaint Form
    to submit complaints by mail. Contact BBB for more complaint
    resources by industry.
  • The State Attorney General’s Office:
    The Attorney General accepts complaints on businesses and monitors unlawful
    practices. File complaints with the Alaska Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit at or call 907-465-2133. Find states using the
    National Association of Attorneys General at
  • The Internet Crime Complaint Center:
    The IC3 processes cyber crime complaints that may be referred to law enforcement or regulatory agencies for possible investigation. Visit
  • Anti-Phishing Work Group:
    APWG works to fight spam and phishing emails. Forward emails to or fill out the form at
  • Federal Trade Commission:
    The FTC collects complaints about identity theft, fraud and deceptive business practices. If victimized, file a complaint at or call 1-877-382-4357 or 1-877-438-4338. Report suspicious emails to

Report scams and problems to help agencies investigate patterns, notify the public, and enforce government actions.

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Delta Greely Co-Ed Soccer Fundraiser Tournament

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Food Preservation Classes

Cooperative Extension Service, Delta District offers food preservation classes with Roxie Rodgers Dinstel, Home Economist with the UAF/CES Tanana District in August.

August 23rd
1:00 – 4:00  Herb Blends and Flavored Vinegars
6:00 – 9:00  Making Sausage & Jerky

A $15.00 fee will be charged per person, per class, for all workshops. Or attend 2 classes for  $25.00.

If you are interested in one or all please contact the Delta District CES office at 895-4215 or

If there is something specific you are interested in please let us know.
Thank You.

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Mystery Photo Winner for Week August 11 thru 17

The winner of last week’s mystery photo is Rhonda Swearingen

We had 8 correct entries this week.

Rhonda will receive a gift certificate from the Buffalo Center Drive-In, courtesy of John and Linda Sloan

This week the mystery photo is the design at the top of The Higher Knead Massage Therapy and Facial sign. The sign is located with many other signs near the Jarvis Buildings on the AK Hwy.

Good luck with the new mystery photo.  We have 2 weeks left for the mystery photo contest.


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NES Alaska State Pageant

NES (Naturally Elegant and Simple)  Is Coming to Alaska

Back to the Basics First annual Alaska State Pageant open to contestants from the state and military residents

September 24, 2011

Location: Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge

Do you enjoy modeling, dressing up, meeting new friends and having fun?  This is for you!  No experience necessary, just a pretty face and a nice smile!

For information email: Or Call: (907)388-2980

Check us out at

Hurry! Space is limited!

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Photo of the day August 17

Delta Junction boys Little League All Star Team that went and played in Valdez this weekend (Aug 6/7), Coaches: Matt Walker, Sonny Zarecki, Mike Powers. Back Row: Nico Knoedler, Derrick Mills, Joseph Mock, AJ Zarecki Middle Row: Ryan Schmidt, Josh Jurva, Caleb Pugh, Jean Gonzalez. Front Row: Jake Jurva, Zach Chappelle, Omar Powers, Ryan Zarecki

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Obituary: Maria Annette Chavez

Lifelong Alaskan and Wasilla resident, Mrs. Maria Annette Chavez, 52, died Monday, August 15, 2011 from cancer at the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer.

Memorial services will be held 6:00 p.m., Friday, August 19, 2011 at the Wasilla Christian Church, 2201 South Knik Goose Bay Road in Wasilla. Pastor Joe Munday will officiate.

Maria was born May 7, 1959 to Wayne W. and Beatrice Ellen (Stewart) Lynch in Anchorage. She graduated from Dimond High School at the age of 17 in 1976. Maria was all about her family and friends. She put everyone before herself. Maria met her husband, Dennis 35 years ago in Anchorage and fell in love at first sight. They travelled around Montana, North Dakota and Alaska their first seven years of marriage before settling in Healy to start their family. They moved their family to Fairbanks growing their large circle of friends and touching lives with everyone they came in contact with. Maria and Dennis decided they wanted to raise their children on a farm so they moved to Delta Junction where they lived until 2002 homeschooling her four children with great pride. She had volunteered with Project Christmas in both Delta Junction and Fairbanks as well as being a part of the Girl Scouts.

In 2002 they moved to Wasilla where Maria enjoyed working on her yard, knitting blankets for new babies, family and friends. Maria enjoyed corresponding with friends and family, never forgetting to send out birthday and Christmas cards or newsletters. She lived for her grandchildren, never missing a moment to spend with them. Maria loved life and lived every moment like it was her last. She was the least selfish person ever, never giving a thought to herself but to everyone around her. Something simple as a smile could brighten the darkest of days. Maria was the strongest, kindest, most compassionate woman anyone could have known.

Maria was preceded in death by her daughter, Summer EmmaJo Chavez; grandparents, Edward and Peggy Lynch; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Stewart. She is survived by her husband Dennis E. Chavez; daughter, Sparrow JoEllen and Paul Ferreira; son, Zachary Eugene and Mariya Chavez; daughter, Destiny Annette and Travis West; son, Perry Daniel and Nancy Chavez; grandsons, Cody Allen, Zebulon Gabriel, Logan Cole West, twin grandchildren, Julian Miguel and Liam Gabriel Ferreira; granddaughter, Annabelle Alyssa Chavez; parents, Wayne and Ellen Lynch all of Wasilla; sister, Deborah and Brad Wilson of Anchorage; brother, Michael and Maria Lynch of CA; sister, Theresa and Ken Cristman of TX; brother, Joel and Nikki Lynch of Wasilla; sister, Corinna and Tom Schachle of Wasilla; and many nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers the family requests memorial contributions for a lung transplant for Dennis be made to the C/O Matanuska Federal Credit Union, FBO Dennis Chavez Acct: 128642, 1020 S. Bailey Street, Palmer, AK 99645.

Arrangements were cared for by the Valley Funeral Home & Crematory

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Photo of the day August 16

Friday afternoon was a nice time to be out fishing on J Lake with Mt. Hayes in the background. Photo courtesy Ellen Clark

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Wednesday Workshops This Week-Is Your Family Prepared?

Susan O’Toole, Public Health Preparedness Nurse for the Interior Region will be on hand to explain what you and your family need to consider when preparing for an emergency. Emergencies are caused by all sorts of reasons-weather, fire, earthquakes, and wide spread illnesses.

What should your family be considering? Learn how to survive in your home for several
days, what should your “to go” kit consist of should you have to leave your home quickly, are their special things to consider in your family such as infants, prescription drugs, senior citizens in your family? What about your pets-what do you need to take them with you, or what if you can’t?

Learn what should be in your survival kit. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. It just needs to be together in one place for easy and quick access. Follow an easy plan that
includes everything to include in your kits and things to do each week during the next 24 weeks.

Workshop Wednesdays are free, one-hour seminars held at Delta’s Farmers Market each Wednesday from 1:00 P.M to 2:00 P.M.

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BBB’s Back To School Basics

Read BBB’s ABCs of Back-to-School Success

Anchorage, Alaska – August 15, 2011 – As students prepare to say goodbye to summer, many parents are preparing for some serious back-to-school shopping.

“We’ve moved beyond spiral notebooks and number two pencils,” remarked Robert W.G. Andrew, CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. “Back-to-school supplies now include laptops, e-reader devices and other big ticket items.” 

To make it through the dreaded supply checklist with a passing grade, BBB recommends parents and students do a little homework first.

·Analyze the list. Forge ahead with the school’s designated supply list. Impulse purchases can be a budget-buster; create a realistic checklist and stick to it.

·Book products safely. Research companies before providing any personal or
financial information. Also, read purchase policies and check for restocking fees.

·Begin homework. Check for updated BBB Business Reviews.

·Count prices. Check advertisements and back-to-school sales to find the best deals. Make sure to read all sale conditions, restrictions and timeframes. If an offer has been misrepresented, inform the store manager.

·Cram refund and return policies. To protect against incorrect or unnecessary purchases, ask the merchant how refunds and exchanges will be handled. Don’t assume the regular return policy applies to sale or clearance items. Save all receipts and keep items in original boxes.

·Calculate technology costs. Students purchasing computers and back-to-school gadgets should check to see if the school or university provides discounts on certain brands. To find the best fit, ask: What will it be used for? What are other students using? What hardware and software are needed? Is there a warranty?

Study up on additional back-to-school tips at

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Photo of the day August 15

A picture from the Gerstle River bridge as we set out on the appropriately named (by the group) Tour to Tok. It was an overnight road biking trip that included (from left: Kendra Anyan, Alan Levinson, Lindsay Pinkelman and Mike Long). Thanks to Wes and Chad Pinkelman for being an awesome road crew and the Martinez and Vanden Boom family for being morale boosters around the fire! Photo Courtesy Lindsay Pinkelman.

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Weekly Gas Updates

Alaska, August 15- Average retail gasoline prices in Alaska have fallen 10.0 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.80/g yesterday. This compares with the national average that has fallen 4.7 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.60/g, according to gasoline price

Including the change in gas prices in Alaska during the past week, prices yesterday were 35.8 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 24.7 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. The national average has decreased 6.7 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 85.4 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.

“After watching oil decline dramatically two weeks ago, prices rebounded some $12/bbl last week, which may severely limit relief at the gas pump,” says Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst. “The smallest sliver of hope in the economy seems to make some market players forget the bigger issues this country faces. Last week, this situation led to buying spree in oil prices, something that I just don’t see lasting,” DeHaan adds.

About operates over 200 live gasoline price-tracking websites, including was named one of Time magazine’s 50 best websites and to PC World’s 100 most useful websites of 2008.

For more information or methodology, contact:
Patrick DeHaan
Senior Petroleum Analyst,

Jason Toews

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Photo of the day August 13

This is a sight that nobody really wants to see. A Grizzly bear trotting at a good pace, right towards you! The photo was taken in Denali National Park, and the photographer survived the encounter. Photo by Steve Thomas


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