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Hymn of the Week

The hymn for this week is one of the most recognizable songs in the English speaking world, a national favorite, and a favorite of Pastor Cliff Henry of the Greatland Baptist Church in Delta Junction.

Written by English poet an clergyman John Newton in 1773, who was earlier in life a sailor, and experienced the beginning of his spiritual conversion during a fierce and terrible storm at sea. 

AMAZING GRACE may have begun existence as poetry.  Now the melody is performed literally millions of times annually at home, in churches, at memorials and graveside services.   It is a staple of bagpipe bands at law enforcement funerals. 

There are many verses (we have ten in our performance book).  We have included only the familiar first verse here;  all that follow use the same melody and Chord progression.

We have notated guitar-friendly chords above the appropriate syllables–you may accompany with guitar, autoharp, ukulele, banjo, piano/organ, or whatever.  Chord changes enclosed in parentheses are optional–simply sustain the preceding chord until the next change.  And thee are even more chords we may add later to dress up the accompaniment even more! 

If you encounter any trouble, call me–if you want to transpose to another key to better fit your voice, call me–learn, enjoy, sing, and believe!  895 4104

D               (D7)                   G                D

Amazing Grace!  How sweet the sound

D                                       A–(A7)

That saved a Wretch like me!

    D             (D7)           G             D

I once was lost, but now I’m found,

         (Bm)         D     A   D     (G—D)

Was blind, but now I see.     (A—men)

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Photo of the day February 5

This young Dall sheep ram lifted his head up as the photographer approached and then went right back to sleep. The photo was taken in Denali National Park. Photo by Steve Thomas

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