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Photo of the day February 26

This 3-Toed Woodpecker (Picoides dorsalis) posed very nicely for me on a stump he was feeding on. The yellow cap indicates that he is an adult male. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos

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Photo of the day February 25

I took this picture of Mt. Hayes on the way home from Fairbanks on February 24 as the sun was just setting in the hills. Photo Courtesy Wanda Morden

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Photo of the day February 24

Let’s face it, everybody has problems!  But nobody’s can be worse than having both their snowmachines stuck while snow machining miles into the mountains in the Summit area.  Still one of the most fun winter sports we have – in spite of the problems!! Photo Courtesy Seth Sutherland

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BOW – Track, Sign, & Snowshoeing

Becoming an Outdoors Woman
Track, Sign, & Snowshoeing
Saturday, March 19, 2011 10:00am ~ 4:00pm

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
1300 College Road
Fairbanks, Alaska

•Combine snowshoeing with wildlife track and sign identification for a great way to spend a day in the woods!
•Learn about different types of snow and how to get the proper snowshoes for the conditions you face
•Learn how to identify what critters are sharing your winter wonderland by the evidence they leave behind
•Come explore tracks, walking patterns, and other sign
•No prior experience necessary!

Creamer’s Migratory Waterfowl Refuge1300 College Road, Fairbanks

•$40 Includes instruction, class materials, hot drinks, and lunch

.Bring your own snowshoes (they will be provided if you don’t have a pair)
.Bring a thermos for hot beverages
.This class will be both indoors and outdoors, so bring appropriate attire , it could be cold! 

To register for this class please download the registration form
Registration is limited to 15

Please Contact:
Laurie Boeck, (907) 459-7223,

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What’s Playing at the Movies ~ Fort Greely

Fri, Feb 25 Gulliver’s Travels (PG) 7 p.m. 
Sat, Feb 26 Season of the Witch (PG-13) 7 p.m. 
Sun, Feb 27 Gulliver’s Travels (PG) 7 p.m.

Season of the Witch  (Nicolas Cage, Ron Pelman) Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. Rated PG-13 (drama and suspense/horror) 95 min  Movie Trailer

Gulliver’s Travels  (Jack Black, Jason Segel) Lemuel Gulliver is a mailroom clerk  at  a  New  York  newspaper. After  Gulliver  bluffs his way into an assignment writing about the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, he is hurtled to an undiscovered land, Lilliput. In this fantastical new world, Gulliver is a bigger-than-life figure in size and ego especially after he starts telling tall tales, taking credit for his worlds greatest inventions, and placing himself at the center of its most historic events. Gulliver’s position is enhanced even further when he leads his new friends in a daring battle against their longtime enemies. But when Gulliver loses it all and puts the Lilliputians in peril, he must find a way to undo the damage. Rated PG (brief rude humor, mild language and action) 85 min Movie Trailer

 These events are open to all Fort Greely Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians and Contractors who currently have access to the Installation.

 Used with permission from the Fort Greely Interceptor

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Photo of the day February 23

Even though winter seems to be dragging on, one does have to admit that this photo is beautiful enough to be a painted picture. Photo Courtesy Deb Snyder

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Recipes and Name for DCSP Senior’s Cookbook Needed

The Deltana Community Services Partnership’s Seniors Workgroup’s Cookbook Committee is collecting recipes (at least five person).  They are especially interested in recipes that hold family and Delta history.  If there is a story related to the recipe, please include it.  Wild game, garden harvest, and wild berry recipes will give the cookbook a flavor of authenticity and originality, but all recipes are welcome. Please submit recipes and  by March 15. 
We are also asking the community for cookbook name suggestions.  The person whose name is chosen will receive a free cookbook. Please submit your suggestion by March 15.
The Cookbook Committee may be contacted personally, or you can mail your recipe to DCSP – Cookbook Committee, PO Box 1071, Delta Junction, AK  99737.  You are welcome to contact:  Mary Leith at 895-4434; Shirley Beck at 895-5565; Kathy Trim at 895-4911; Deborah Snyder 803-3115.

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Women’s Health Clinic

The Delta Public Health Center is holding a Women’s Health Clinic on Monday March 14 and Tuesday March 15.  The Nurse Practitioner from Fairbanks Regional Public Health Center will be providing the exams. Appointments will be required.

The Women’s Health Clinic is intended for women and teens that have difficulty accessing health care due to lack of health insurance or other barriers. Fees for services will be based on a sliding scale for Pap smears and exams. No one will be refused service if unable to pay.

Screenings for Chlamydia and gonorrhea by urine sample, as well as blood testing for HIV and syphilis will be available at no charge. These screenings are available to both women and men. All testing is confidential.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at the Women’s Health Clinic, call the Delta Public Health Center at 895-4292. 

Submitted by Rachelle Hill RN BSN

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BOW Beaver Trapping

Becoming and Outdoors Woman
Beaver Trapping
March 5, 9, & 12, 2011
Chena River
Fairbanks, Alaska

.Get an introduction to the types of equipment used for snaring
.Learn about trap placement
.Get hands-on experience setting and checking beaver traps
.Learn to skin a beaver
.No prior experience necessary!

Chena River –Info will be provided as class approaches

Saturday, March 5th–1pm to 5pm (Trap setting)
Wednesday, March 9th–6pm to 8pm (Trap check)
Saturday, March 12th–10am to 12pm (Optional trap check)
1pm to 5pm (Skinning and hide prep)

COST: $30 per person
•Includes instruction, snares, and class materials.

.A valid Alaska trapping license.
.Most of this class is outdoors. Dress in warm clothes (layering is
best), including a hat, gloves or mittens, warm pants, warm socks,
and waterproof winter boots.
.Headlamp (for Wednesday evening session)

To register for this class please download the registration form
Registration is limited to 12 participants

Please Contact  Laurie Boeck, (907) 459-7223,

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BOW Icefishing 101

Becoming an Outdoors Woman
Ice Fishing 101
Saturday, March 5, 2011
10:00AM ~ 2:00PM
Quartz Lake, Delta Jct.

– Get an introduction to the types of equipment used for ice fishing
– Learn to drill a hole using an ice auger
– Learn techniques to catch rainbow trout, salmon, or Arctic char
-No prior experience necessary !

Class Location: Quartz Lake State Recreation Area
16 miles north of Delta Junction

Cost: $40 per person

– A valid 2011 Alaska sport fishing license
– This class is outdoors.  Dress in warm clothes (layering is best), includinga hat, gloves or mittens, warm pants, warm socks and waterproof boots
– Something to drink (preferably something warm)

– Bring your own ice fishing rod
– A chair or stool


To register for this class please download the registration form
Registration is limited to 10 participants  

Please Contact:
Kelly Mansfield (907) 459-7364
Nancy Sisinyak (907) 459-7346

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Photo of the day February 22

Ice carving at the Delta Visitor Center. Photo Courtesy Randi Owen

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Photo of the day February 21

Not exactly a photo of the Delta area, but one that many Delta/Greely residents are probably familiar with. This late afternoon photo was taken of downtown Seattle on approach to the Sea/Tac airport just as the sun was being reflected off some skyscrapers. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

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Fairbanks ~ 2011 World Ice Art Championships

February 22 to March 27 – – – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
– Kids Park Slides Open – Daily
– Viewing of Sculpting & Sculptures
– Ice Park Train Rides

Ice Alaska is in its 22nd year hosting the largest annual ice art competitions and exhibitions worldwide. The Fairbanks event, the World Ice Art Championships, has grown to a month long attraction involving over 70 teams from all over the world. The competitions, and the accompanying kids park, attract more than 100 ice artists and approximately 45,000 visitors from Alaska and all over the world.

The Flint Hills Resources Kids Park from February 22 – March 27.

The Kids Park is open on Tuesday, February 22, the first day the park opens, until the gates are closed for the final time on March 27. This magical Kids Park is like any playground, ONLY it is constructed entirely from ICE. There are slides and rides for all ages, challenging mazes, and life-sized sculptures of favorite animals, popular characters and toys to touch and climb on.

The information and other details have been taken from the Ice Art Championships website

Day Rates – All day visit to Ice Park – 10 AM to 10 PM
Day Pass …….$ 10 Per person (ONE day-Unlimited visits to Ice Park)
Children 6 – 12 …….$ 5 Per Person (ONE day – Unlimited visits to Ice Park )
Children under 6 …….$ FREE

For more prices see

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Hymn of the Week – In the Garden

This beloved, soothing , reassuring hymn about a personal relationship with the Savior was written in 1912 by C. Austin Miles,  once a pharmacist and later an editor and manager at a publishing house for more than 30 years.  The song was publicized during the Billy Sunday evangelistic campaigns during the early twentieth century.  It was notably recorded by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in 1950, Perry Como in 1958 (some readers may remember them) and , of course, scores of gospel solo vocalists and groups.

As with earlier hymns of the week published on the DNW, we herein include only the first verse and chorus.  We also have included guitar (or mandolin, banjo, ukulele, autoharp, piano/organ) chords over the appropriate syllables.  This song has a brief chord change that, at first glance, seems “out of place”, or not to belong.  This is called a modulation.  The song also contains several fermata, for which we have no symbol on the computer keyboard, so will use an underline over the syllable.  This simply advises us to hold the word or syllable longer than one might expect.  This song begs for expressive, even dramatic delivery.

If you try to sing this wonderful and heartfelt song but need it transposed to a key better suited to your voice range, call me.  If you need help accompanying with your instrument, call me.  As usual, we can enhance the arrangement with more chords later.

 D                                                           G                            D

I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses,

               A7                                      D

and the voice I hear, falling on my ear,

         E                   A7    —–

The Son of God discloses…

                D                                   A7

And He walks with me, and he talks with me,

               G                          D

and He tells me I am His own,

                           A7                  G         ——-

and the joy we share, as we tarry there,

            D                 A7         D

none other     has ever     known.

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Weekly Gas Updates

Alaska, February 21- Average retail gasoline prices in Alaska have risen 2.3 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.60/g yesterday. This compares with the national average that has increased 4.1 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.16/g, according to gasoline price website

Including the change in gas prices in Alaska during the past week, prices yesterday were 34.0 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 9.5 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The national average has increased 6.9 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 51.5 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.


GasBuddy operates,, and over 225 other local gasoline price-tracking websites that follow prices at over 125,000 gasoline stations in the United States and Canada. GasBuddy also uses Facebook ( Twitter (, and phone apps to keep motorists ahead of changing gasoline prices. was named one of Time magazine’s 50 best websites and to PC World’s 100 most useful websites of 2008.

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Department of Motor Vehicle Closures

Delta DMV will be closed March 2nd for employee training.

The office will also be closed March 19th through March 25th for employee leave.

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Forget Me Knot Quilters 2011 Spring Fling

The days are growing longer and we are all getting a little spring fever…
Do we ever have a cure for you!

Join the Forget-Me-Knot quilters for our annual SPRING FLING! There will be door prizes, games and lots of fun for all.

This year our instructor is Mary Pomeroy from Dina’s Cozy Cabin Quilts in Eagle River, AK.

 On Friday night Mary will be teaching us the fuse, fold, and stitch method with a small wall hanging from Dina Pappas’ book Quick Watercolor Quilts.

You can choose to get a time saving pre-paid kit for $20 (this is well worth the price) or to put your own spin on it with the supply list you will have in your registration packet.

Our Saturday project will be one of your choosing from Dina’s book Fast Forward Your Quilting. The cost of BOTH of these books is included in your registration fee! (You get both books!!)

The fling kicks off on Friday the 25th at 5:00 pm

We will have a potluck dinner that night, so bring a dish to share. After dinner, it will be “quilt till ya wilt”. We will gather again on Saturday at 8:00 am for breakfast and then on to the main class. Wrap up is around 4:00 pm.

If you are one of our out of town quilters and want to crash at one of our members home on Friday night, be sure to indicate that on you registration form. And if you can house someone, let us know and we will get you together.

Space is limited and will be on a first-come-firstserved basis with paid registration. You will receive a registration packet with your books and supply list soon after we receive your fee.

The cut off date is March 11th, so sign up soon! Questions about registration. Call Christy 895-4265 or 803-3530

Hi Quilters! Are you ready for Spring? Well then…Are you ready for Spring Fling??

This is Shana (hi!) I was asked to find this year’s block for the Spring Fling drawing. The name of the block is titled My Blue Heaven, and it’s very easy to piece together.
When you lay the blocks out it makes a nice overall secondary star design. Check it out! I found this pattern at Marcia Hohn’s Quilter’s Cache (a great site by the way). In respect to copyright, Marcia Hohn’s instructions are included here, and the link to her web page, too.

Fling Block instructions (PDF 136kb)

Registration Form (PDF 132kb)

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The Calder Quartet in Concert Sponsored by FCA

The Calder Quartet is a dynamic, risk-taking quartet – proficient, polished and professional – who perform traditional repertoire beautifully. They also love to try new things and continue to expand their unique array of projects by partnering with innovative modern composers, emerging musicians and performers across genres. The quartet has expanded their collaborations with artists ranging from Terry Riley, Christopher Rouse and Thomas Ades to party rocker Andrew W.K. and indie rock bands The Airborne Toxic Event and Vampire Weekend.

If you are a fan of our classical concerts or find new works appealing, the Calder Quartet will both satisfy and surprise you.

Friday, March 4, 2011 at 8pm.  Sponsored by the Fairbanks Concert Association

To purchase Concert Tickets

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Photo of the day February 18

 Taken from the IGA parking lot on the morning of February 13th, with temps around -40. The ice fog was pretty thick. Hopefully this is the last cold snap of this Winter. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos

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Delta Junction Aglow Hosting “One Nation Under God”

Delta Junction Aglow is hosting “One Nation Under God” with Carol Ann Martin on February 26, from  7:00 until 8:45 pm at City Hall’s large conference room.  

Using the Intoduction and Part 1 of the award-winning American Heritage series from Historian David Barton, we will explore original documents, the lives of America’s founders,  and discover God’s design and purpose for America in an educational and inspirational manner.  

This event is FREE and open to men, women and youth.  (12 and under must be accompanied by an adult). This is a NON-POLITCAL event.  

After viewing, we will open discussion and prayer.

Contact Fran Hallgren for more information 895-5532 or (907)388-2008

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Chamber Has 2011 FOL Shirts


The 2011 Festival of Lights shirts are in at the Chamber office
Stop by and check them out.

T-Shirts  $15.00
Ladies Long Sleever (Black w/white sleeves)   $25.00
Long Sleeve (All Black)   $25.00
Crewneck Sweatshirts  $26.00
Hooded Sweatshirts  $30.00
For questions you can call Dani at
Or by e-mail
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Telemarketing Rules Consumers Should Know

Anchorage, Alaska – Feb. 17, 2011 – While telemarketing can be a legitimate sales and fundraising method, phony solicitors steal billions of dollars from consumers each year. To defend against frauds, Better Business Bureau reminds consumers of telemarketing rules:

Consumer Protections: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) and Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act prohibit abusive tactics and misrepresentations. Phone solicitors are required to:

  • Respect call times; they may not contact residences before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Disclose phone numbers on Caller IDs. The phone number should be connected to the company name, and accept return calls during regular business hours.
  • Willingly disclose their name, company name, and telephone number or address.
  • Identify the nature of the sales call before making a pitch. It is illegal to distort or conceal facts, conditions or costs of purchases.
  • Abide by do-not-call requests; they may not continue calling when asked to stop.
  • Cease prerecorded commercial telemarketing calls or “robocalls” to consumers.

Phone Numbers: Telemarketers find phone numbers through: public directories; mailing lists; businesses-to-business sharing; direct mail, online entry forms and sweepstakes applications. BBB offers tips on protecting phone numbers:

  • Avoid posting phone numbers online—in forums or blogs. Avoid sharing phone numbers on surveys, forms and applications—unless the business or organization has earned trust. Always review the company’s privacy policy before submitting information.
  • Be careful when responding to marketing campaigns. If concerned, consider blocking numbers before calling.

National Do Not Call Registry: The National Do Not Call Registry helps reduce telemarketing calls; register for free at or call 1-888-382-1222.

  • Home and cell phone numbers can be registered; business numbers can’t.
  • There is no deadline to register. Phone numbers stay on the list until removed, reassigned or discontinued; registration does not expire. Solicitors covered by the registry must stop calling 31 days after the register date.
  • Calls are not covered under the registry when: there is an established business relationship; there is prior written permission; they are not commercial or do not include unsolicited advertisements; made by or on behalf of political entities, certain utility providers or tax-exempt non-profit organizations.

Complaints: If unwanted or harassing telemarketing calls continue—despite registration on the Do Not Call Registry—write down: the date and time of the call; the phone number that appears on the caller ID screen; and request details and contact information from the caller. File complaints with the:

Unknown Callers: Don’t give financial data or Social Security numbers to telemarketers. Research businesses at before purchasing. For more facts, view the FTC’s Straight Talk About Telemarketing, Telemarketing and Telephone Services and the FCC’s Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls.

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What’s Playing at the Movies ~ Fort Greely

Fri, Feb 18 How Do You Know  (PG -13) 7 p.m. 
Sat, Feb 19  Voyage of the Dawn  (PG) 7 p.m.
Sun, Feb 20 Voyage of the Dawn (PG) 1 p.m.
Sun, Feb 20 How Do You Know  (PG-13)  7 p.m.

How To Do You Know  (Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd) Feeling a bit past her prime at 27, former athlete Lisa Jorgenson finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, as a corporate guy in crisis competes with Lisa’s current, baseball-playing beau. Rated PG-13 (sexual content and some strong language) 115 min  Movie Trailer

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  (Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes) Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world. Rated PG (some frightening images and sequences of fantasy action) 112 min  Movie Trailer

These events are open to all Fort Greely Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians and Contractors who currently have access to the Installation.

Used with permission from the Fort Greely Interceptor

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UAF Women’s Hockey Team Tournament

From top left: Coach Andy Hauer, Coach Tommie Plactek, Tara Leighton, Andrea Gillitzer, Chelsea Fillingim, Erin Winters, Coach Amy Tallerico, Coach Scott Vockeroth, Bottom left: Shawna Jusczak, Annie Grossmann, Kayla Fulk, Kiana Maynes, Alysia Norum, Kaitlyn Evans, Jessica Larrabee

Annie Grossmann is playing on the team for her second year. She was part of the Delta High School hockey team during her high school years and was part of the last Delta High School team to win State during her senior year. She grew up playing in the Delta Skating Association and played Div 3 at Augsburg College in MN before transferring to the new UAF Women’s team.
The UAF Women’s Hockey Club team is hosting a President’s Day Tournament in Fairbanks. The team is currently a “College Club” team and will be eligible to be a Div 1 team after the next season.

Tournament competitors include the Women Nanooks, Team Alaska 19U, Icebreakers 16U. 

The community is welcome to attend games during the tournament. 

The tournament schedule is:
Feb 17, Thurs 9:15PM Patty Center
Feb 18, Fri 6:15PM Patty Center
Feb 19 Sat 11:15AM Patty Center
Feb 19 Sat 7:15PM Patty Center
Feb 20 Sun 9:45 Consolation Game TBA
Feb 20 Sun 11:15 Championship Game TBA 

For more information email
Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

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Greatland State Hockey Champions

 Photos and article submitted by Terri Hennager

Greatland State Champions 2011 Delta Huskies. Back Row- Coach Dave Schmidt, James Terry, Jared Smith, Eli Erickson, Chance McLaren, Donovan Drew, Randal Kimball, Dylan Carpenter, Matt Pinkelman, Bret Smith, Jacob Schultz

The Delta Huskies High School Hockey Team won the Greatland State Hockey Tournament as you have probably heard.

Was it dominating, determined, or good old Delta Hockey?

Delta won to the first seeded team Hutchison on Friday six to five. It ended in a sudden death over time battle with eight minutes on the clock and counting down, Eli Erickson scored the winning goal to put them in the Championship game to play Monroe. Against Monroe Eli Erickson scored early in the first period and towards the end. James Terry scored the Huskies third goal during the second period, with Eli Erickson rounding out the game with a hat trick with a rebound of the left side of the net and sinking the puck.

Erickson said “Things just kinda fell my way, I guess,” The Delta Huskies were determined to win.

Randal Kimball won the player award for Delta in the Championship game.

The Greatland All-Tournament Team was as follows-Goalies Colton Schultz, Delta, Dakota Maclver, Tri-Valley, Forwards- Eli Erickson, Delta, Jake Gebauer, Delta, Eric Ringstad, Monroe, Troy Williams, Hutchison, Defensemen- James Terry, Delta, Joseph Rauenhorst, Monroe.

Over Time Win Against Hutchison

Win against Monroe, celebration

Pre Game Huddle with Coach Schmidt and team

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Deltana Fair Exhibit Hall Needs your Help

The Exhibit Hall for this year’s Deltana Fair is in need of the items listed below.

If anyone would like to donate one or more of these items, please contact Deborah Snyder via email  or by cell phone 803-3115
Items needed:
4-6 ft. tables
pump pot for holding coffee
gallon size crock pot
2 heavy duty extension cords
one three socket outlet extension cord extender

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Photo of the day February 15

A couple of fireworks shots from this years Festival of lights. I enjoy this every year. (And this year we almost did not get to enjoy these wonderful sights, thanks to the many people who donated monies to this event. I will  be donating to next years event.  Enjoy. And WHY does the TEMP always plummet the day of the festival. Photo copyright Richard Mitchell

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Photo of the day February 14

This pair of young bull moose couldn’t have struck a better pose for their picture to be taken!  I’m guessing they are brothers.  Photo by Steve Thomas

Happy Valentines Day.  Thanks Steve for the awesome photo displaying sibling love.

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Food Box Recipients

To All Food Box Recipients:

This is to notify all food box recipients that there will be no more food boxes delivered until further notice. Anyone who is eligible to receive food boxes this weekend, February 19,2011, can pick up their own boxes at the Fairbanks Food Bank.

Alpha Omega is officially closed and federal regulations will not allow us to pick up and sign for the food boxes until we get signed in with another non profit organization. So, at this time, we are trying to find another non profit organization that we can work under.

For any questions people can call Art or Patty Griswold at 895-6248.

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John Warren Wins Another Scholarship Award

Young John Warren of Delta Junction was victorious in the second round of the American Legion Oratorical Contest.

On Saturday Mr Warren competed in Fairbanks, speaking for eight minutes without notes about the United States Constitution, and he won another scholarship award, this time in the amount of $500.

Now John is eligible to compete  against other Regional Winners on February 26 in the Alaska State American Legion Oratorical contest in Anchorage. 

Travel, lodging and meals are provided by the American Legion for John and escort, and the winner will be awarded a $4000 scholarship, and an opportunity to compete in the Nationals, where the winner will be awarded an $18,000 scholarship.

This win is a triumph, and is the result of lotsa thought, effort, and practice time.  We encourage you to take the time and make the effort to seek this young man out, and personally congratulate and encourage him and wish him well for his sterling representation of Delta Junction.  Don’t delay, tho, for February is moving fast! And thank some local member of the local American Legion Post 22 as well.

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Hymn of the Week

This endearing and enduring hymn is ear-familiar to anyone who attended Sunday School as a child (or as an adult), so we may tend to remember it in that context, tho only the melody and a verse or two.  Most hymnals print only three, or at most four–  we have ten verses in our songbook! 

The lyrics were initially the verses of a poem by Anna Warren written in 1860.  Later William B. Bradbury added the melody and a chorus. 

For space considerations we show it here with only the familiar first verse and chorus.  We have printed finger-friendly chord symbols over the appropriate syllable.  These chords may, of course, be used for any chorded instrument–piano, organ, guitar, ukulele, banjo, autoharp, etc.

If this is not a voice-friendly or finger friendly key for you, call and we’ll transpose the song to another key.  If you want more verses, call me–895 4104.  Meanwhile, enjoy the hymn, and play and sing it with your family. 
                    D               A7      D
                 Jesus loves me!  This I know.
                   G                               D
                 For the Bible tell me so.
                   D              A7              D
                 Little ones to Him belong;
                   G               D                A7      D
                 They are weak but He is strong.
                              D                G
                             Yes, Jesus loves me!
                              D                        A7
                             Yes, Jesus Loves me!
                              D                G
                             Yes, Jesus loves me!
                                    D          A7        D
                             The Bible tells me so.

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Celebrate Black History Month

Please join us in celebrating Black History Month at the Gabriel Auditorium on February 17 at 1 pm.  Food samplings will be served

These events are open to all Fort Greely Soldiers, Family Members, DA
Civilians and Contractors who currently have access to the Installation.

Used with permission from the Fort Greely Interceptor

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Weekly Gas Updates

Alaska, February 14- Average retail gasoline prices in Alaska have risen 0.4 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.56/g yesterday. This compares with the national average that has increased 0.8 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.12/g, according to gasoline price website

Including the change in gas prices in Alaska during the past week, prices yesterday were 15.2 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 9.8 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. The national average has increased 4.9 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 50.4 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.


GasBuddy operates,, and over 225 other local gasoline price-tracking websites that follow prices at over 125,000 gasoline stations in the United States and Canada. GasBuddy also uses Facebook ( Twitter (, and phone apps to keep motorists ahead of changing gasoline prices. was named one of Time magazine’s 50 best websites and to PC World’s 100 most useful websites of 2008.

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Photo of the day February 12

It’s totally amazing how a songbird like this black-capped chickadee can survive the harsh winters of Alaska.  Photo by Steve Thomas

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Valentine’s Day Special with Delta Diner

$35 per couple
Chicken Cordon Bleu served with White Rice or
Fettuccini Alfredo served with Garlic Bread
Both meals are served with Salad and Choice of Dessert

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Delta High School Huskies Advance

Delta High School Huskies Hockey Team advance to the Championship Game by beating Hutchison 6 to 5 in over time with Eli Erickson scoring the winning goal.

They will play Sat. at 4:00 PM at the Wasilla Menard Sports Complex. Eli Erickson won the player award for that game for the Delta Huskies.

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Demolitions Training ~ Fort Wainright

FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska – The 65th Explosive Ordnance Detachment will conduct demolitions training on the Small Arms Complex adjacent to the Richardson Highway next week.

The unit will fire about 12 of the explosives each day – Monday through Friday – between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Local residents and motorists on the Richardson Highway near the range complex may hear the explosions or feel vibrations.

Linda Douglass
Public Affairs Officer

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Celebrate Diversity This Valentine’s Day


EVERY FEB. 14, we celebrate the day of love, Valentine’s Day, by exchanging gifts or greetings. These valentines often contain a message of love or affection for the receiver. Valentine’s Day is a time for remembering one’s vows of love to one another, and it is a day for those who are desperate to win the affection of another, often enticing them with fattening gifts like chocolate.

With Valentine’s Day come visions of Cupid, a mischievous, winged child whose arrows pierce the hearts of his victims, causing them to fall deeply in love. In ancient Greece, he was known as Eros, the son of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. To the Romans, he was Cupid, the son of their goddess of love, Venus.

How do we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day in a diverse multicultural society? Canada and the United States are the most culturally diverse countries on Earth. As thousands of people from virtually every nation and ethnic group arrive on our shores, our cities have truly become a multicultural mosaic. Do you know that over 100 languages are spoken in our cities?

Such diversity can enrich the lives of those who welcome it, but not everyone is quick to embrace cultures different from their own. Many are initially ignorant of new traditions, appearances and religions and communities can quickly become tainted with stereotypes, racism, bullying and intolerance.

IN CELEBRATION of our rich diversity, add new meaning to this year’s Valentine’s Day in our North American cities by doing more than exchanging chocolates and roses.

Love with forgiveness: Intolerance of other cultures can stem from a bad experience in the past. Use this Valentine’s Day to reflect on whether you need to forgive anyone this season. Open your heart so you may accept new experiences and relationships.

Love with generosity: Why stop at close friends and family when sharing Cupid’s arrows? Take a look outside your close-knit circle for someone in need of a little extra care. Know a lonely neighbor or an isolated senior? Add special meaning to this year’s Valentine’s Day by showering them with an unexpected dose of cheer.

Love with charity: Do you know that North Americans are viewed as the most generous people in the world? Generosity does not have to mean writing a check to a needy person or a charity. It can also mean giving of ourselves and our time to make a positive difference. Take Valentine’s Day a step further by volunteering at a food bank or serving at a soup kitchen.

Love with sympathy: Each night, we see images of people suffering on the nightly news. Take their suffering to heart and let your sympathy inspire you to action. Show your love for humanity by actively working to alleviate someone else’s suffering, whether it’s from poverty, disease or injustice.

LOVE with foresight: This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to remember that while we may speak different languages and enjoy different food, we are all connected by our dependence on the Earth. Loving your neighbors means caring enough to protect the land we share. Make your home greener by only using products whose production and disposal do not harm natural resources.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

About David McLauren, Ph.D. David is a diversity specialist who speaks five languages. He brings a wealth of education and expertise to businesses and brilliantly helps companies increase their profits and productivity through diversity. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator, and expert on diversity, inclusion and multi-cultural issues, David consistently energizes, educates and empowers his audiences.

David McLauren, Ph.D.
Diversity Specialist
(817) 908 – 3288                    

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Photo of the day February 11

I saw these moose munching away on Ft. Greely in February. These twins and their mom have been hanging around base for a while now. They are a lot of fun to watch! Photo Courtesy Heather Misquez

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FLOT Presents The Secret Garden

Location West Valley Performing Arts Center
Presented by Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre
Dates:Friday, Feb 25 and March 4 – 7:30 pm   
Saturday, Feb 26 and March 5 – 7:30pm  
Sunday, Feb 27 and March 6 -4 pm

Purchase tickets

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