Resident of Big Delta has Book Published

Brookelyn Bellinger, a resident of Big Delta and columnist for the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, is enjoying the release of her first book, “The Frozen Toe Guide to Real Alaskan Livin’; Learn How to Survive Moose Attacks, Endless Winters, and Life Without Indoor Plumbing”. It was published by Sasquatch Books in Seattle and was released in April.

“The Frozen Toe” takes a quirky look at Alaskan life and offers offbeat anecdotes from the author’s life. It also reveals insider information on pressing topics about Alaska living such as how to properly accessorize an outhouse or how “being able to butcher a moose is a skill that can get you a date.” Topics and chapters range from Blazing Ball of Eye Poison: The Bane and Blessing of the Midnight Sun to Hot Tubs, Christmas Lights and Cable TV: Good Winter Living for the Cabin-Fever Bound, and Forget About Bears: How to Avoid a Moose Attack. The back of the book offers more fun with the Are You a Real Alaskan? quiz and The Blue Tarp Challenge- a game that gives points for finding various objects, especially blue tarps, in Alaskan yards. A plethora of Alaskan events and information fill the book.

Nick Jans, author of “The Last Light Breaking” and “The Grizzly Maze”, called the book “witty, accurate, and engaging.” “Both fun and well written” is how Doug Fine, author of “Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man”, described the book. Earl Finkler of KBRW “Top of the World Radio” in Barrow said, “Author Brookelyn Bellinger knows the real Alaska”.

Brookelyn is scheduled for a book talk/signing in September at the Delta Library. Her book can be found at Barnes & Noble or at Gulliver’s Bookstore in Fairbanks, or online at Visit for more information.

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