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The Carefree Gourmet – by Joyce McCombs – Apples

I believe one of the reasons I was put on this earth was to appreciate the people who have green thumbs. My own efforts at gardening are notoriously pathetic and I won’t bore you with the great pea and cabbage disaster of 1988. Suffice to say the moose got their vitamins, and I got a lesson in humility I’ll never forget. I also threw a tantrum and cussed some, but that’s another story.

Since then I have become a sort of Zen gardener, not one who rakes gravel and meditates on the intricate patterns, but one with a rich fantasy life filled with visions of brilliant tomatoes, robust zucchini and carrots that are firm and sweet. I imagine bushel baskets filled with squash and onions and potatoes, all lined up on my porch, waiting to be canned or frozen or served for supper to a gang of ravenous farm hands. The fact I don’t can or freeze anything is a small detail I conveniently ignore and I can’t remember the last time a single farm hand stopped by for supper, let alone a whole gang.

We invite you to visit our Carefree Gourmet pages.

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Photo of the day – September 21

Rainbow trout are being stocked in one of the Fort Greely Lakes. Normally Fish and Game receives fish to stock in lakes earlier in the summer, but when the state hatchery at Fort Richardson lost its warm water it pushes back the timing of when fish are stocked. This is an issue hopefully resolved when the new hatchery in Fairbanks is constructed. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker
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Delta Community Choir Begins Practices for Christmas Concert

It is that time of year again! Delta Community Choir is beginning practices for the annual Christmas Concert. We will start on September 28th, at 7:00 pm at the Ft. Greely Chapel. Practices will be every Thursday until Thanksgiving. We will then add a couple Tuesday meetings to get ready for the concert.

If you do not have a base pass already, you will need to contact Coby Haas at 895-1034 (day) or 895-2252 (evening) to have your name put on the list to be submitted at the gate.

Be sure to bring a love of singing and a sense of humor! If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or fire off an email. Coby Haas

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