Library Open House & Baskets on April 26

Saturday, April 26  from 10:00 to 4:00, the Delta Library Open House and Basket of Books Silent auction fundraiser will be in full swing.

Bid on baskets, sign up for door prizes, enjoy great coffee and cake, say hello to your Library Board as you renew your library membership.

The Delta Merchant’s Raffle drawing will be at 3:00 and you must be present to win.

Come out and join your friends and neighbors in supporting YOUR library.

(No Internet or computers will be available at the library  on Saturday?

WiFi will be available in the parking lot as usual.

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Delta Library Will be Closed on Friday

The Delta Library will be closed Friday April 25, to set up for Open House and the Basket of Books Silent Auction (Saturday April 26 from 10 to 4.)

Don’t forget, There will be NO INTERNET  or computers available in the Library on Saturday.   WiFi will be available in the parking lot as usual.

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Photo of the day April 22

“Good Friday Hayes”
An illuminated Mount Hayes rests above the Delta River last Friday night near sunset  Sebastian Saarloos

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Obituary ~ Kristina L. Pence

Kristina (Tina) Lynn Pence, 39, of Fairbanks, Alaska went to be with the Lord on January 29, 2014.

She passed away in an apartment fire In Fairbanks.

She was born in Fairbanks as Kristina Lynn Hanson on January 13, 1975 to Harlan and Sheila Hanson.

She was raised and graduated from Delta Junction High School in 1993.  Kristina had a great love for people, and loved animals and they loved her.  She was proud to serve as Miss Deltana In 1991-1992.

Kristina was preceded in death by her grandfather, Austin J. Walker; grandparents, Henry & Julia Hanson; aunts, Elaine Fickbohm and Shirley Batterman; and step-father William R. Lyons.

She is survived by her estranged husband, Jay Pence of Fairbanks; her children, Heidi and Robert Ellis of Delta Junction; grandmother, Edith Walker of Delta Junction; mother, Sheila Lyons-Smith & husband David Smith III of Delta Junction; father, Harlan Hanson & wife Holly of Sturgis, S.D.; brother, Shanen David Hanson & wife Amapola, his children, Hannah & Seth, and her son, Amapiolo (Amel) Tabar; step-brother, Dennis Lyons & wife Tonya; step-sister, Sharon Lyons of Warren, MI; uncles, Marvin Walker & wife Rose of Washington, Jerry Walker & wife Cheryl of Gilet, WY, Robert Walker & wife Rena of Delta Junction, Gerald Hanson & wife Jan, Robert Fickbohm of Newell, S.D., Donald Batterman of Glenwood Springs, CO; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Arrangements were entrusted to Chapel of Chimes Funeral Home.

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The DHS Booster Club Invites you to Nominate a Trailblazer

Do you know an elder who has been actively involved in supporting the students and school community of Delta Junction?

Recognize their contribution by submitting their name and a short summary of why you feel they are deserving of this recognition to the DHS office or e-mail the information to

Recognized elders will have their pictures and a plaque added to the Trailblazers wall in the DHS Senior Lobby.  They will also be honored at an assembly at the high school

Nominations are due by May 1st.

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Looking for Fair Sponsorship and Raffle Donations

Levels of Sponsorship

Fair Overall Sponsor – $5,000 & over
- Sponsor’s name used in conjunction with the Deltana Fair’s name in all advertising
- Large image of business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Promotion of all business materials during the parade and fair (provided by your company)
- Color ad in Fair Schedule
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- Space for Booth
- Name and banner numerous places throughout the Fair grounds and at special events.
- 5 three-day passes as well as complimentary parking
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Best Of Show $3,000 and over…..
- Large image of business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Color ad in Fair schedule
- Banner on one of the Specialty Areas of the Fair
- Space for booth
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- 5 three-day passes as well as complimentary parking
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Blue Ribbon $1,000 to $2,999
- Large image of business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Color ad in Fair Schedule
- Your banner displayed at the Fair
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- 5 three-day passes as well as complimentary parking
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Red Ribbon $500 to $999
- Medium size image of business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Color ad in Fair Schedule
- Your banner displayed at the Fair
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- 2 three-day passes as well as complimentary parking
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Yellow Ribbon $250 to $499
- Business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Color ad in Fair Schedule
- Your banner displayed at the Fair
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- 1 three-day pass as well as complimentary parking
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Friends of the Fair $150 to $249
- Business name/ company logo will appear on the Fair Tee shirts and Sweatshirts
- Logo of Sponsor on website with hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
- Recognition by the announcer throughout the Fair
- Appreciation Certificate for your Business

Multi-Item Raffle Donor Opportunities
This is a very popular feature of the annual Deltana Fair. Winning tickets are drawn every 30 minutes during the entire three days of the fair. Our goal is to obtain 100 items from local and other Alaskan businesses. Tickets sell for $2 each and proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will go towards making improvements to the fair grounds.

Your name will appear in all raffle advertising and your business will be recognized during the fair. Prizes and donors are displayed for everyone to see. As winners are drawn, their name is entered on the display board. Obviously, we need lots of fun prizes to make many happy winners. We are looking for your support through donation.

We’d appreciate one or more items from your business for the Multi-item raffle. Items like certificates for meals, lodging, travel, merchandise or services are always popular. Please make the expiration date of certificates far enough in advance so that the winners will have time to visit your business establishment and enjoy the product or service you have donated.

You can mail donations to: Deltana Fair Association
P.O. Box 408
Delta Junction, AK 99737-0408

Or call 895-3247 to speak with a raffle chairperson.

In recognition of your generous contribution, an acknowledgement of thanks for your business will be posted on our website as well as published in our local newspaper, the Delta Wind.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Raffle Item for Donation:____________________________________________________
Place for Pickup/Contact:____________________________________________________

Click here to download and print your 2014 sponsorship form

The Deltana Fair Association is an IRS 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Tax ID Number 92-0092943


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Public Invitation to the Fort Greely RAB Meeting ~ April 30, 2014


Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 6:00 p.m.

City Hall, Delta Junction, Alaska

RAB meetings:

·         Review environmental restoration progress at Fort Greely

·         Have the responsible decision-makers present

·         Aim to increase public understanding and program quality

·         Are open to the public

The public is encouraged to attend.  For further information, contact Stephen Hammond at 907.895.5441, visit or call Rick Barth at Fort Greely, 907.873.4202.

Submitted by Suzanne Taylor

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Photo of the day April 21

A most beautiful sunrise while working on the North Slope
Photo Courtesy Lisa Parker

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Common Core on the Rise!!!

I’d like to have anyone explain to me how great this Common Core System is for strengthening the individual and not the collective, for the gifted teachers with creativity and not those wanting tenure and a check, for the taxpayers and not the tax collectors and for the American culture and it’s future and not the new world society and it’s global citizens.

In Delta, I spent 3-hours looking through the ten newly proposed math books not yet approved by the school board.  These textbooks are 100% Common Core.  I was not looking for anything specific.  I was perusing through the pages allowing something to jump out at me that seemed odd.  I’ll begin by noting that these books are huge at approximately 9 x 11 inches and 1.5 inches thick.  Also about 50% of the material in these books may not be necessary.  If ones goal is electronic textbooks; it would make sense to drive up the costs of paper textbooks by filling them with needless data and making them big, bully and heavy where the children do not want to lug them around.  As for the needless information, it’s either filler for the cause or a funnel for the brains.

By the way, nothing I’m going to share with you has a thing to do with math.  The most visual and obvious thing that stood out was the Common Core State Standard’s “CCSS” stamp.  It is a circle with CCSS in the center and it reminds me of a burger king hamburger wrapper.  It is everywhere!  It indicates that this is the common core standard you must know and will be tested on; therefore it must be important.  Imagine seeing this logo your entire childhood.

The next noticeable item was “21st Century Careers; 21st Century Skills.  This is at the beginning of most chapters if not all.  It’s big, it’s bold, it’s repetitive and it coincides with the United Nation’s Agenda21, SD21, MAP21, and CSC21, and these are just the ones I know about.  This is not a conspiracy, this is fact; please look it up if you do not believe me.  So what are these careers and skills they are recommending?  My guess, those needed to serve the new global economy.

The math book “Business and Personal Finance,” we had numerous issues with.  On page 253 the student is asked to “Write a paragraph explaining whether you would prefer paying an added on sales tax or the value added tax (VAT) used in European Union Countries.”  VAT is an “invisible” tax that is included in prices.”  Is this a leading question?  Are we telling a child there is no other option and to pick the least of two evils?  If a child says “none of the above” and explains how this infringes on personal liberty do they get it wrong?  Also, who is collecting this data to get the pulse of the future mindset?  You realize data collection is an important part of Common Core.  If it’s not here yet, it is coming.

Here was the final straw for me and with my limited time to assess the material I’m surprised I found this.  The book is “Math in our World,” page 91 – The Art of Persuasion.  The instructions were to “Determine which of the arguments is valid.”  There was a list of bulletized statements.  Bullet #4 read, “Scripture is the word of God.  I know this because it says so in the Bible.”  The answer is: “The forth is invalid because it is circular reasoning.”  Are you serious?  Of all the examples that could be used for circular reasoning they used this?  First they throw God out of the schools, now they bring Him back in to further destroy Him.  Parents, where is the outrage against Common Core?

I am reminded by our district that good teachers are good teachers and that is what counts in the end.  That is not all together true.  Children do not fully understand theories and opinions.  They do not understand why anything is in a textbook if it is not the truth; especially if they are to be tested on it.  A child depends on adults to protect them, and teach them well, and to do the right thing.  They expect adults to teach the truth, speak the truth and lead by example.

Governor Parnell welcomed this into our state and partnered us into the Smarter Balance Consortium in 2013.  Many of us anti-common core activists diligently pressured the legislature and Parnell into removing Alaska from the consortium.  This was a huge victory but Common Core still remains in our state and local school system and is on the rise.  The local school board has the final approval on curriculums.  If you are opposed to Common Core, please contact your local school board and legislators and let them know how you feel.  If you are not familiar with common core please do your homework.  This is about your children and our future.

By Pamela Goode

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The Morning Star – KOREA

by The Dong Rang Dance Company

A presentation will be at Delta High School on Tuesday, April 22 at 12:45 pm in the large gym.

The community is invited to attend this exciting event!

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Firehouse Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser Saturday

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Fairbanks Outdoor Show Coming This Weekend

April 25 – 27
Friday: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00 pm Admission:
Adults: $5.00 per person Children 12 and under are free

Over 140 vendors from all over Alaska and the Lower 48! Find everything you’ll need for summer fun, right here at the Carlson Center, including:

Fishing charters
Hunting expeditions
Outdoor gear and wear
Fishing and hunting supplies
Camping supplies
… and much more!

Back by Popular Demand


Sponsored by the Michael Dukes Show in support of Sportsman for Fish & Wildlife Alaska

Over 70 gun vendors all under one roof, during the Fairbanks Outdoor Show!

The Interior Alaska Gun Show will take place Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm and Sunday, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Door prizes will be given away all weekend long!

Door prizes will be announced approximately two weeks prior to the Show.

Informational seminars happening all day long, find out how and where to hunt and fish, outdoor safety and much more.

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Healing Hoofbeats Competes At State

Did you wonder where the Healing Hoofbeats 4-H Club was on April 9th-12th? Well, the answer would be the Kenai for the Alaska State 4-H Horse Contest! You may remember the Healing Hoofbeats selling horse shoes and participating in local bazaars. All the hard work paid off enabling our team to go to Kenai!

The 4-H team consisted of Kirstin Porter, Shelby Killingsworth, Hailey Williams, Hailey McNabb, and myself, Priscilla Joslin. The leaders: Kelly Dighton, Dani Markham, and Carol McNabb did everything from acting as chauffeurs to chaperones.

Our team learned many new things on this trip. These included teamwork, leadership qualities, and good sportsmanship! We also met many new friends.

The contest included horse judging, which is checking for conformation and numbering the horse classes 1 to 4. We also participated in the horse bowl, which is jeopardy with horse questions. Our team also competed in the written exam, as well as a hands on test. Public speaking was yet another facet of the competition.

All in all, our team had a great time, and the trip is all thanks to you for donating money to help us get there! A special thanks to the Friends of Delta Agriculture, who paid for our meals, an anonymous sponsor, who donated money for our jackets, and Custom Steel, who paid for the embroidery on our jackets! In addition we want to thank our 4-H leaders! Without everyone’s help we could not have gone.

Our team had a blast! We placed 5th out of 7 teams along with our individual awards! If you are interested in joining the local 4-H club please call Kelly Dighton at 808-352-7678 or Dani Markham at 907-322-8367. Thank You!

Submitted by Priscilla Joslin

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Photo of the day April 19

This handsome guy has been looking for love for a week now sitting and drumming atop a berm just outside our garage.
Photos Courtesy Letha Burcham

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Photo of the day April 18

The aurora swirls above the suspension bridge for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline at the Tanana River    Photo Courtesy  Sebastian Saarloos

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Good Friday Services

First Baptist Church is having a family communion service starting at 7:00 PM.

The whole community is invited, you do not need to be a member of the Baptist church to attend this special service honoring our Lord.

Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

For more information contact the church at 895-4490


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GED School Year Finishing in May

The GED school year will be wrapping up the end of May.

You still have time to register and assess your academic levels.

We here at the GED office are available to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate any longer; give us a call at 907-803-3115 to set up an appointment.

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Photo of the day April 16

A gull flies over a glacial terminus in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Birch Leaf Photography

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Photo of the day April 15

Take time today to see God’s beauty in the “small” things! It’s absolutely everywhere!  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

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Easter Celebration with Living Waters Assembly of God

You Are invited Come celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Sunday, April 20
Living Waters Assembly of God

Pastor Jared and Vicki Myrick (907) 895-4455




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BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council to meet in Fairbanks April 23 & 24

ANCHORAGE – The BLM-Alaska Resource Advisory Council (RAC) will meet next week at the Fairbanks Westmark Hotel in in the Yukon Room.  The hotel is located at 813 Noble Street in Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.  The meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. on both April 23 & 24.  The council will accept comments from the public on Wednesday, April 23 from 3:15-4:15 p.m.

The agenda includes discussion regarding new policies for placer mining.  The council formed a fact-finding subcommittee to assist the BLM with communicating and educating the stakeholders prior to implementing the new policies.  The subcommittee will report on their preliminary work to the full RAC.

Other items of interest on the agenda include updates on land use planning, development in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, upcoming Red Devil Mine cleanup actions and other topics of interest to the RAC.  A complete agenda is available on the RAC web page (see the URL below).

The meeting is open to the public.  Depending on the number of people wishing to comment, time for individual oral comments may be limited.  Please be prepared to submit written comments if necessary.

To learn more about the BLM-Alaska RAC, please visit

Thom Jennings
Public Information Officer
222 W. 7th Avenue, #13
Anchorage, Alaska  99513
(907) 271-3335 (voice)
(907) 271-5421 (fax)

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BBB Warns of Attacks on Income

Reports Outline Large Tax-Related Scams

Anchorage, Alaska – April 14, 2014 – As the filing deadline quickly approaches, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington is warning tax-paying consumers to file cautiously.

On the Phone:

On March 20, 2014, the Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration issued a statement that more than 20,000 people have collectively lost more than $1 million in the “largest ever” phone fraud scam of its kind. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office issued a similar alert.

On the Internet:

The Internal Revenue Service is highlighting sophisticated new phishing campaigns that threaten legal action because of “processing errors” and request personal information.

E-filing continues to be a primary target for cyber thieves, who can collect personal data and divert refunds to their own accounts without the victims’ knowledge.

Identity Theft:

Tax-related identity theft is the number one threat to taxpayers, according to the IRS. BBB issued a release in January 2014 which highlights the increase in threats and what filers can do to protect identities. Read Tax Season Brings Out Identity Thieves for more information.

Remember, the filing deadline is April 15, 2014. Failure to file may result in fees and penalties. For more information on protecting identities, visit BBB News & Events. To report phishing or tax-related identity theft, visit

Michelle Tabler, Alaska Regional Manager: 907-644-5208 |
David Quinlan, Senior Director of Public Relations: 206-676-4119

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Photo of the day April 14

Another beautiful morning in Delta. Taken Friday morning at 8:00 am
Photo Courtesy Julie Parker

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Torch Run – 5K Law Enforcment Run, Walk and Pledge Drive for Special Olympics Alaska

Date:  May 17
Time:  10am
Meeting place:  Visitor Center

You can pick up a Pledge form at the Alaska State Trooper Offices around the Store or Raise pledges by going to

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Photo of the day April 11

Two afternoons I drove past this on my way home from work. The third day I stopped to take a picture of it. One has to use their imagination a bit but to me it sure looks like a prehistoric animal. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips


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Month of the Military Child Carnival

On April 26th, Fort Greely will host a carnival at the community activity center from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. all members of the Delta/Greely community are welcome to attend!

Treva Slaughter
Public Affairs/Protocol USAG FGA
Office: 907-873-5023

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Delta Elementary School Kindergarten RoundUp

Who: Any child who will turn 5 years old before September 1, 2014

What: Children can visit the classroom and ride the school bus.

When: Friday, May 2nd at 1:45pm at the Delta Elementary School.

Call 895-4696 if you have any questions.

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Multiple Prescribed Fire Burns Scheduled

The US Army Alaska, with the assistance of the Bureau of Land Management Alaska Fire Service, will conduct multiple prescribed burns in the Donnelly Training Area East, approximately five miles south of Delta Junction. Ignition on the Wills Small Arms Range Complex, Collective Training Range (CTR), Bondsteel Village, and Battle Area Complex (BAX) is planned as early as Wednesday, April 9th and may continue through Sunday, June 8th as weather
conditions permit.

Please visit the AICC Situation Report for daily updates at

If you have questions or concerns, please contact UYT Dispatch at the Alaska Fire Service at (907) 356-5554.

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Chamber of Commerce Luncheon ~ Apr 17

12pm at the Alaskan Steakhouse

Our speaker for this month will be Rachael Petro

Rachael will be discussing Chamber 101: Getting the most out of your Chamber of Commerce

Rachael Petro was selected as the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce’s President and Chief Executive Officer In February 2011. Prior to joining the Alaska Chamber, Petro served as Deputy Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Administration and has a distinguished public service career in Alaska’s Legislative and Executive branch.

Petro began her career in public service in 1996 as a legislative aide in the Alaska State Senate.  She has lived in Juneau, Ketchikan and Anchorage, Alaska. Petro was born and raised in Washington  State, but likes to emphasize that she got to Alaska as quickly as she could.

Lunch will be $15. Email your RSVP by April 16 to be eligible for the free lunch drawing

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How You Can Use Your Chamber

Marketing Opportunities:
The Chamber offers a variety of ways to promote your business at a reasonable price!

At the Chamber, networking isn’t just about knowing folks, it’s about becoming a part of a rich fabric of colleagues, peers, mentors, teachers, and friends. Being an active Chamber member means working together so that we may be successful together; our members go to each other to re- solve entrepreneurial issues, develop leads, think through political is- sues, band together to build a strong economy, and give service to the community. Networking opportunities at the Chamber are plentiful!

Free listing on the Chamber website:
Your business will be listed in a searchable directory with a direct link to your business’ website.

Business Referrals:
The Chamber receives calls each month from people looking for products/ services. We refer all callers and visitors to our member businesses and organizations.

Newsletter Updates:
The Chamber keeps you ahead of the news with electronic updates through our monthly electronic newsletter. The eNewsletter is distributed to all subscribers and on our website and Facebook page. For even more exposure, you can buy prime ad space to promote your business, event or program.

Build your Business:
Make the most out of your membership by attending the wide variety of events we hold for our members and the community! Get even more involved and consider sponsoring an event. The exposure for your company will be invaluable!

Chamber Committees:
Volunteer to serve on one of the many Chamber committees and connect with other Delta Junction area  leaders.

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Photo of the day April 10

Hand of God” Institute Peak ~ August 2011.  Sebastian Saarloos

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Woman’s Health Clinic ~ Apr 21 & 22

The Delta Junction Public Health Center is holding a Woman’s Health Clinic on Monday, April 21st  and Tuesday April 22nd .

This clinic is for teens and women who have difficulty getting health care due to lack of health insurance or other barriers.

Fees will be charged on a sliding scale basis for the annual women’s health exam, Pap smears, family planning, and screening for sexually transmitted diseases, counseling and supplies.

No one will be refused service if unable to pay. 

Appointments are required.

We are located in the Jarvis Office Complex Room 210, just off of the Alaska Highway next to the State Troopers Office.

Please call the Delta Junction Public Health Center at 895-4292 for an appointment.


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Relay For Life of Delta Junction ~ May 30 & 31

6 pm
Friday to 6 pm Saturday 30-31 May 2014
Deltana Fairgrounds

Lots of Family Friendly Events Music, Food, Games and more all day-all night ; Luminaria, Silent Auction, Pet Parade & Costume Contest, Mr. & Ms. Relay For Life Pageant, Lucy’s Wall of Hats, games and MORE (watch for schedule of events soon)

Come and help us Sock it to CANCER *

Finish the FIGHT For more information, Register to Walk or to Join or Start a Team visit our website:


Submitted by Felicia Brooks 


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Deltana Youth Soccer Accepting Registrations Now

Deltana Youth Soccer Association is accepting registration for the following age groups: U4 (2-3 yr olds)
U6 (4-5 yr olds)
U8 (6-7 yr olds)
U10 (8-9yo)
U12 (10-11yo)
U14 (12-13yo)
U16 (14-15yo)
U18 (16-17yo)

The fee for U4 is $12 and covers insurance and shirt.
The fee for U6-U18 is $35 and covers insurance, shirt, and socks. Cleats are optional. Shin guards are mandatory.

Please check out our Facebook page “Deltana Youth Soccer Association” for updates on season and practice schedule. You may also email or call Allison 907-687-7666 or Bri  501-467-2322 for more information.

Registration forms may also be found at the Delta Elementary School office.

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FCA Presents Béla Fleck & Chick Corea

Hering Auditorium – Saturday, April 26 at 8pm

Béla Fleck, the premiere banjo player in the world, has virtually reinvented the image and the sound of the banjo. NEA Jazz Master, 18-time Grammy winner, brilliant American composer and keyboard virtuoso, Chick Corea has attained living legend status after five decades of unparalleled creativity and an artistic output that is simply staggering. These two virtuosos collaborate on a program of their own works merging styles seamlessly with a rapport and familiarity that suggests they have spent decades performing together. FCA is proud to partner with AWG2014 by offering tickets to their own works merging styles seamlessly with a rapport and familiarity that suggests they have spent decades performing together.

Fairbanks Concert Association (907)474-8081

Bela Fleck & Chick Corea 8pm, Saturday, April 26

S=Senior 62 years or older
Y=Youth 25 years old and under

Order online :

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Photo of the day April 9

I was snowmachining along Canwell Glacier with Bill Todd when I saw this ptarmigan. I only had a scenic lens with my camera, so I belly crawled up on this guy until I could get the glacier and mountains behind the ptarmigan. Steve DuBois

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Alaska Dispatch Publishing LLC to Purchase Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE, AK—APRIL 8, 2014—Alaska Dispatch Publishing LLC, the owner and publisher of Alaska Dispatch, has reached an agreement to purchase the Anchorage Daily News from The McClatchy Company (NYSE: MNI).

Founded in 2008, Alaska Dispatch is an award-winning site at the forefront of the national movement toward independent online news. Alice Rogoff, a longtime supporter of journalism and a former chief financial officer of U.S. News and World Report, became the majority owner of Alaska Dispatch LLC in 2009. Since then, the operation has employed writers, editors, and a full-time sales staff. Rogoff is the publisher and chief executive while co-founder Tony Hopfinger is the executive editor and president.

“We founded Alaska Dispatch to ensure the future of quality journalism in Alaska,” said Hopfinger. “We’ve established ourselves as a leader in investigative reporting, public service journalism, and in offering a variety of opinions and perspectives from around the state, and we’ve been recognized with regional and national awards. We’re proud of what we have accomplished in the last five years, and we couldn’t be more excited about this new venture.”

The Anchorage Daily News, the largest newspaper in Alaska, has a long history of distinguished journalism, winning two Pulitzer Prizes for public service in 1976 and 1989. “We’re excited to add the many talented and accomplished employees of the Anchorage Daily News to our team,” said Rogoff.

“The Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Dispatch play vital roles in our great state,” said Rogoff. “By merging these operations, we can serve as a stronger, even more comprehensive resource for Alaskans for their news and information. Our mission is to offer a level of coverage never before seen in Alaska history, and to offer it to readers across the state through a variety of mediums.

“We expect to publish news and commentary for all Alaskans, from oil field workers on the North Slope to Southeast fishermen; from those whose roots go back thousands of years to newcomers fresh off the plane; from our biggest cities to our most remote villages and everywhere in between. We want to provide a true public forum where Alaskans from all walks of life can come together to help build our community.”

The purchase price is $34 million, payable at closing, which is anticipated to occur in May of 2014.

The transaction covers the Anchorage Daily News, their website, and the newspaper’s real property and operations in Anchorage. After the purchase is completed, the real estate assets of the Anchorage Daily News will be sold by Alaska Dispatch to a private local buyer. The Anchorage Daily News will continue operations as a tenant from its East Anchorage location.

Alaska Dispatch was co-founded by Tony Hopfinger, Amanda Coyne and Todd Hopfinger in 2008. In 2009, Alice Rogoff, a longtime supporter of journalism and a former chief financial officer of U.S. News and World Report, became the majority owner of Alaska Dispatch LLC, and the operation expanded to employ writers, editors, and a full-time sales staff. Rogoff is the publisher and chief executive while Hopfinger is the executive editor and president.

Pt Capital, based in Anchorage, serves as the buyer’s financial adviser.

Taylor Bickford, 907-227-9718 or
Shurtleff, 907-230-2368 or

Cole, 907-750-0470 or

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Bill Walker to participate at Arctic Man as a celebrity skier

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker has accepted an invitation to participate as a celebrity skier at Arctic Man on April 11th. 

Arctic Man is an extreme race held annually near Summit Lake.  Last year, the weeklong event attracted more than 13,000 spectators from around the world.  Walker, as all participants, will begin at an elevation of 5,800 feet and ski down 1,700 feet to the bottom of a narrow canyon where he will meet up with his partner on a snowmachine.  He will then be  towed behind the snowmachine for 2.5 miles to the finish line.  

Walker is a lifelong skier. He learned to ski at a young age at  Ft. Greely and was a pioneer backcountry and heliskier on Thompson Pass outside of Valdez – currently home to  extreme skiing and snowboarding events.  

Walker stated: “I’m honored by the invitation to participate in the 29th annual Arctic Man, and I look forward to the adventure. I so admire the entrepreneurial spirit of Howard Theis who puts this incredible event on each year.”

The Walker campaign hopes for a safe event for all and wishes the best of luck to the participants.

Below is a 1977 photo of Bill with a group of Thompson Pass pioneer extreme skiers in Valdez and a March 2014 photo of Bill at Alyeska.

Submitted by Tessa Linderman

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Fish and Game Advisory Committee Meeting ~ Apr 16

The Delta Fish and Game Advisory Committee will hold a meeting Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Delta City Hall Conference Room.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes  March 19, 2014

Comments from the public


Old Business    Discussion on BOG Proposal #104 incidental take of brown bears over bait

New Business

Delta ADFG Biologists Reports

Discussion of Pending Alaska Legislation HB – 18, 158, 161, 202;  HCR – 17; SB – 77, 160, 190

Other Items

Next meeting? – October 15, 2014,  Agenda items?

Adjourn ______________________________________________________________________ Other Dates and Deadlines:
State: April 10, 2014 BOF Proposal Deadline
PWS Finfish; Southeast/Yakutat Finfish;
Southeast/Yakutat Shellfish;

Statewide Shellfish
May 1, 2014    BOG Proposal Deadline     Southeast (Region I); Southcentral (Region II); Central     Southwest (Region IV)

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Photo of the day April 8

“Stellar Trifecta”
I was able to catch the Milky Way, Aurora and a Meteor all in one frame!
Sebastian Saarloos

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