Summer Phase “I’m Bored”

Soon summer will be upon us. If your kids are like mine were, it won’t take long for the “I’m bored” phrase to rear its ugly head. Free activities are just around the corner at the Noel Wien Library.

The library is full of art, activities and, of course, books. And all of it is free for all of us to use.

Most of us don’t know all the services our library offers. I did a quick tour recently with Mary Ellen Baker, director of the library. Here are some of the things that I found.

Books are always available, but then, that’s what you would expect. However, the offerings spread to comic books, graphic novels, manga, audio books, music, magazines, newspapers and even large print books. Kids can check out a book and a CD to listen to the story being read.

Electronic offerings are widespread as well. There are e-books, which can be downloaded (even from your home), video games, videos, DVDs, movies and database access to lots of helpful materials such as auto repair manuals and genealogy information. There is Wi-Fi access for your computer, scanning, printing and videoconferencing services. Didn’t bring your computer? No problem, you can check out a laptop to work on while you are in the library.

Meeting rooms are available for your use. Though I have often used the large auditorium for presenting programs, there are many more rooms to use. There are group study rooms that hold groups from four to 10 people and a conference room.

The staff at the library has the needs of all our citizens in mind. There are books for the sight-impaired, for the hearing-impaired and ADA workstations for those needing help.

This summer there will be two summer reading programs for kids, one for the younger kids and one for young adults. Sign up the week of May 26 and read (or listen to) books this summer. At the end of the summer, anyone who reads one book a week will be rewarded with a book to keep, thanks to a donation from Flint Hills.

Adults have several different book discussion groups. Whether you are into science, fantasy or politics, there is a group meeting to discuss the merits of books from the reading list.

Even without all the books and services, the library is well worth visiting. It is a warm, beautiful place to while away a few hours. The walls are covered with beautiful Alaska art, so be sure to take time to look around.

I was also out at the new North Pole library. What a beautiful building! It also has many of the same services that the Noel Wien Library has. If the North Pole Library is near you, take advantage of all its services.

If you can’t make it to either library, watch for the bookmobile to be in your area. There are also homebound services and the Alaska Mail Services (out of Juneau), which mails your selected books to you. Mail service is available to people who live in areas without public library access.

Our libraries here in this area are truly community centers. Take advantage of their services this summer. They are great examples of good things that come from your tax dollars at work.

Roxie Rodgers Dinstel is associate director of Cooperative Extension Service, a part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, working in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Questions or column requests can be e-mailed to her at mailto:rrdinstel@alaska.eduor by calling 907-474-7201.

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Congressman Young Shares Memorial Day Message with Alaskans

Washington, D.C.Alaskan Congressman Don Young today shared the following message with Alaskans in celebration of Memorial Day:

youngCongressman Don Young shares a Memorial Day message with Alaskans
(Click here to view)

Happy Memorial Day, Alaska!

Memorial Day is more than picnics, fishing, and time out on the water with friends and family, it’s a time to remember our fallen heroes and those that have proudly served in the military.

As you celebrate Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the many sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform ­– those that fell during conflict and those that were wounded.  We owe them a great big thank you!

I hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful time in each other’s company, but please remember this celebration is about those that served in the military, those that sacrificed – the ultimate sacrifice, those that fought to protect our freedoms.

God bless you and God bless our military men and women who have served this great nation in the past, in the present, and in the future.

From the Desk of Congressman Don Young
Matt Shuckerow   Office: (202) 225-5765

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Scammers Take Aim This Memorial Day

Anchorage, Alaska – May 22, 2015 – As families prepare to honor fallen service members this Memorial Day weekend, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington reminds the public that scammers have their sights set on ripping off military personnel.

Con artists often use malicious tactics to steal the money and identities of deployed troops and military families.

Phone Scams: Impostors pose as Veterans Administration employees and call to “verify” personal information, sometimes using scare tactics like VA benefits cancellations to collect birthdates, Social Security numbers and bank account information.

Rental Listings: Cyber thieves create bogus online rental listings and lure in potential victims by offering military discounts, requiring that deposits and rent be wired to “landlords” who are out of the country.

Military Loans: Sketchy lenders promise “instant approvals” and no credit checks, but loans often carry extremely high interest rates and hidden fees.

Insurance Policies: Solicitors make false statements or inflate claims regarding the benefits of policies they offer, using high-pressured sales pitches to sell expensive—and often unnecessary—life insurance policies.

BBB advises consumers to research about businesses and charities by visiting before giving out personal information, making payments or giving donations. Deployed service members can also sign up for “active duty” credit alerts to minimize the risk of identity theft.

BBB Military Line provides free resources to all branches of the U.S. military, including financial literacy information, scam alerts and access to BBB services such as complaint handling and dispute resolution.

Michelle Tabler, Alaska Regional Manager: 907-644-5208 |
David Quinlan, Vice President of Marketing: 206-676-4119

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Photo of the day May 22

What a difference a month makes! The top photo of our choke cherry in bloom was taken May 21st . The bottom photo was taken April 21st after a late spring dusting of snow.
Photo by Gary Cooper

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Memorial Day Ceremony ~ May 25


All Are Welcome!

American Legion Jack Warren Post #22 will host the annual Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday the 25th of May at 11:00 Am at the Rest Haven Cemetery on Jack Warren road.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, was a day set aside to decorate the graves of Civil War soldiers.  Now celebrated on the last Monday of May it is a day to come together in fellowship to remember our service men and women who have died.

Any one who would like to sing, read a poem or tell a short patriotic anecdote please contact the American Legion Jack Warren Post #22 commander for inclusion in our program.

For Additional information please contact:  Rick Tirrell Jack Warren Post #22 commander at 895-1039.  We hope to see you there.

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Vacation Bible School “Journey Off The Map” ~ June 1

“Journey Off The Map”
June 1-5
9:00 – Noon
For all kids who graduated K-6th grade
For more information call 895-4490

GIG Visual pg master














While on the Journey Off the Map™, kids will discover Jesus is the Ultimate Guide on a journey uncharted by them, but known by Him. As explorers they will begin to understand whenever they are faced with the unexpected, they can know to listen for God’s direction. The journey is June 1 – 5, 9:00 to Noon. Be sure to invite friends and family to join us for this adventure!

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Photo of the day May 21

Aurora Peak. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos

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CyberLynx School Registration ~ May 22


Come by and talk with Lorry Yates-Brooks and John Sloan.

Learn what CyberLynx has to offer you and your child for home style learning.

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Exercise Northern Edge 2015 to begin June 15

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, ALASKA – Approximately 6,000 U.S. military personnel will participate in exercise Northern Edge 2015, a joint training exercise hosted by Alaskan Command scheduled for June 15-26, 2015, on and above central Alaska ranges and the Gulf of Alaska.

NE15 is one in a series of U.S. Pacific Command exercises in 2015 that prepares joint forces to respond to crises in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.  The exercise is designed to sharpen tactical combat skills, improve command, control and communication relationships, and to develop interoperable plans and programs across the joint force.

Personnel from U.S. military units stationed in the continental United States and from U.S. installations in the Pacific will participate with approximately 200 aircraft from all services, as well as three U.S. Navy destroyers and one U.S. Navy submarine operating in the Gulf of Alaska. Most personnel and units will deploy to and operate from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and Eielson Air Force Base. Participants will serve as part of a joint task force practicing tasks associated with joint operations.

Major participating units include U.S. Pacific Command, Alaskan Command, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pacific Air Forces, Marine Corps Forces Pacific, U.S. Army Pacific, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Materiel Command, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command and U.S. Naval Reserve.

NE15 is the largest military training exercise scheduled in Alaska this year with virtual and constructive participants from all over the U.S. exercising alongside live players.

Environmental protection is an integral part of the exercise. The military in Alaska has conducted thorough environmental analysis of the activities being conducted as part of NE15.  Alaskan Command is proud of its environmental stewardship and goes to great lengths to minimize harm to the environment. Aerial and land-based military training activities in or near Alaska, including Northern Edge exercises, are analyzed in the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex Environmental Impact Statement, which was completed by the Air Force and Army in 2013 (see For Naval activities, Northern Edge exercises are analyzed in the Navy’s 2011 Gulf of Alaska Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) ( The at-sea portions of Northern Edge occur within the Temporary Maritime Activities Area. . The TMAA’s northern boundary is located approximately 24 nautical miles south of the shoreline of the Kenai Peninsula, which is the largest proximate landmass. The only other shoreline close to the TMAA is Montague Island, which is located 12 nm north of the TMAA. The approximate middle of the TMAA is located 140 nm offshore. The closest point of the TMAA to Cordova is approximately 80 nm southwest of the town. The TMAA was designed to avoid critical habitats and although it does not avoid all fish and marine mammal habitats, the activities are infrequent and widely dispersed throughout the TMAA.

The Navy’s training activities are conducted with an extensive set of range clearance and mitigation measures designed to minimize the potential risk to marine life.  U.S. Navy vessels also conduct range clearance and mitigation measures designed to avoid damage to participating and non-participating vessels and aircraft. The Navy has conducted Northern Edge and other training and testing activities in the Gulf of Alaska for many decades without major harm to the environment. For future exercises beyond 2016 the Navy is currently in the process of preparing a Supplement to the original 2011 EIS and is seeking renewal of permit authorization under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act.

The Navy is a major supporter of research that includes developing methods to detect and monitor marine species before and during training and understanding the effects of sound on marine mammals, sea turtles, fish and birds. The U.S. Navy sponsors 70 percent of all U.S. research concerning the effects of human-generated sound on marine mammals and 50 percent of such research conducted worldwide. When the Navy uses active sonar it operates the sonar at the lowest practicable level except as required to meet tactical training objectives.

A joint training event such as NE15 provides effective, flexible and capabilities- centered joint forces ready for deployment worldwide and enables real-world proficiency in detection, identification and tracking of units at sea, in the air and on land, and response to multiple crises.

For any questions, please contact Alaskan Command Public Affairs at (907) 552-2341,

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Community Clean Up ~ May 23

Bring a family member, team mate or friend– grab your gloves and galoshes and let’s work together to keep Delta Junction a beautiful place to live and visit!

9:00—10:00 am Light Breakfast and Coffee
Provided by the 1st Baptist Church

11:00—1:00 pm Lunch
Provided by the Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to the City of Delta Junction for partnering with the Chamber again by approving discounted disposal rates for CleanUp Day!

Thank you to Delta Environmental Services for providing dumpsters for the yellow bag collect on at the Visitor Center!

Saturday, May 23, 2015
9:00 am—5:00 pm
Pick up your yellow bags from the Visitor Center and enjoy some great food throughout the day!

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Photo of the day May 20

I photographed this Cross Fox as it sat in the rain outside Trapper Creek, Alaska.
Photo by Tracey Harmon

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DGSD Rummage/Surplus Sale

The Delta/Greely School District will be holding a Rummage/Surplus Sale.

Downsizing sale includes: refrigerators, furniture, televisions, office furniture, file cabinets, tables, folding chairs, etc. and 2 van for sale as well.

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Hike Donnelly Dome with DJTA

Delta Junction Trails Association invites you to come hike with us on American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day!

Where:  Meet up at the pullout 2.5 miles up Dome Road from mile 248 Richardson Hwy

More information
This hike is open to the public. It does require everyone over the age of 16 to have a RAP (Recreation Access Permit) and sign out either the day before or the day of the hike. RAPs are available through the internet at or at the Fort Greely Visitor’s Center during regular business hours. Check In to Donnelly East area 531 via the website at or via phone at 873-3181. By accessing the system, you will know if the area is open for recreation or if it has temporarily been closed for military training.

If the area is closed for training our backup location is to meet at the pull out to Coal Mine Rd.

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Relay for Life Dedicated Participants

Dedicated participants walking the illuminated path at Relay for Life on Sunday morning about 1:00 a.m. Photo Courtest Cindy Lou Aillaud

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What Is A Healthy Home?

A healthy home is one that does not impact your health in the short term or the long run. We could ask one key question to assess whether your home is healthy for you or not: Do you feel better when you are away from your home?

Many factors can affect your health inside the home — dust, pets, molds, chemicals, smoking and pests. Homes can be old or new and have environmental exposures that can impact your health.

Often, we are unaware of what a healthy house is and the preventative measures we can take to ensure one. Cleaning, pest management, pet management and preventative maintenance will decrease the risk of environmental factors that could impact your health. The time of exposure is important. Generally, the longer the time an individual is exposed to a hazard, the more likely the health risk will be. The more concentrated the source and the higher the dose exposure, the greater the health risk will become. Conducting a thorough assessment of your home for environmental risks is a good idea.

We spend the majority of our time indoors: in homes, schools, workplaces and other indoor spaces. This is the air that we breathe most and where we are more likely to be exposed to any contaminants that are in the air. Many homes today do not have adequate ventilation. They are more closed up and energy-efficient and may not have adequate systems to bring fresh air into the home. And because of this lack of ventilation, pollutants can become more concentrated.

Airborne hazards such as radon, dust particles, pet dander, mold spores and chemicals enter the body by inhalation and ingestion. There are some chemicals that can enter the body through skin absorption or cuts, too.

Those at risk for environmental factors — the elderly, children and people whose health is already compromised — are especially at risk with poor indoor air quality. A normal respiratory rate for adults is about 15 breaths per minute at rest. For their size, children breathe much more rapidly than adults. An infant may breathe about 30 breaths per minute. People with health conditions such as cystic fibrosis, cancer and other illnesses may breathe more rapidly also.

Children like to play on the floor and put their hands in their mouths. They are exploring their environment. However, dangerous substances like lead paint, toxic cleaning products, pet dander and chemicals heavier than air such as carbon monoxide, etc., not only end up on the floor, but these hazardous chemicals have much more effect on children’s brains, livers and kidneys. This is because pound-per-pound, children drink, eat and breathe more than adults and their organs and immune systems are still developing.

Children’s behavioral patterns make them more susceptible to accidents, too. Look around to see how you can “child-proof” your home such as putting locks on cabinets with cleaning products, keeping medications up out of reach and putting a barrier around a stove until the child understands not to be too close.

Also, about 60 percent of children under age 6 attend some type of child care or preschool — up to 40 hours per week — so the indoor environments at these places are important, too.

If you are on well water, you may consider getting your water tested to see what you are not able to actually see in a glass of water.

There are critical windows of exposure to physical and biological environments that can affect you — the amount that comes in contact with your body at one time and the length of time exposed. Your diet, metabolism and general health make a difference, too. Healthy homes are well-ventilated, clean and hazard free. It takes a lot of work to keep your home well maintained, but your health depends on it.

To learn more about healthy homes, consider taking a free mini workshop offered by the Cooperative Extension Service. Our Healthy Homes series takes place twice a month through summer featuring the following topics: May 18, radon; June 8, home safety; June 22, hazardous household products; July 13, green cleaning; July 27, pest management; Aug. 10, home safety for elders; and Aug. 24, water quality.

All classes start at 6 p.m. at the Tanana District Extension office, 724 27th Ave. For more information about healthy homes, go to

Marsha Munsell is a health, home and family development program assistant for the Cooperative Extension Service, a part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, working in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Contact her at 907-474-5414 or

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Photo of the day May 19

View of Hurricane Gulch from the Alaska Railroad bridge. The train stops on the tracks so passengers can take photos. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

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Lotions and Potions

Come learn to make simple lotions and creams from ingredients you can recognize. Marsha Munsell, Home, Health, and Family Development Program Assistant with the UAF Cooperative Extension Service – Tanana District will show you how. Marsha will also talk about how you can use some of the herbs you grow or gather, such as chamomile or oregano in your lotions.

lotionClass will be held Thursday, May 21st, two classes will be offered one from 3:00 – 5:00 or 6:00 – 8:00. Registration fee is $5.00 to cover materials. Class size is limited; registration deadline is Tuesday, May 19th. Please call the CES office in Delta at 895-4215, or stop by the district office Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:30.

If there is low interest this class will not be held locally. Encourage your friends and family!

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Debit or Credit?

Debit or credit? How often do you hear that question? Take a minute to really consider before you answer — not only does the card you use affect the amount of money in your accounts, but it can also affect your long-term financial security.

We all know the difference the choice makes. The debit card means that the expense comes directly out of your checking account. The credit card goes into an account that still needs to be paid. When you are the victim of fraud from identity theft, each of these cards works differently as well. How each affects your long-term financial fitness when fraud strikes should be considered.

Did you know that 7.5 million people were the victims of fraud caused by data breaches this past year? Eight billion dollars was lost in this fraud affecting 42 percent of all of us. Whether you choose to use a debit card or a credit card can change your liability if you become a victim of fraud.

Debit cards have caught up with the safety features offered on credit cards. You are only liable for $50 of charges after reporting, no matter if it is a debit or a credit card. VISA and MasterCard have stepped up their game by requiring the large credit card issuers, such as Capital One, Chase, and Citibank, to guarantee a zero percent liability for their customers. Companies often drop disputed charges. Check with your company to find out what terms they extend.

Debit cards offer the same $50 liability limit, but the way it is handled can make a big difference in your pocketbook.

Both debit and credit cards offer zero liability when you are the victim of fraud. When your credit card is compromised by fraud, you call the company and they drop any disputed charges, freeze your account, issue a new card and you are ready to go. The only inconvenience may be the time it takes to get that new card in your hands.

Debit cards work differently. When you use your debit card, the money is automatically deducted from your account. If someone gets your debit card number, they can empty your account. The money is gone, leaving checks or other payments hitting an empty account. Overdrafts or bounced checks are the next result. In effect, you are left with no account to work with until the fraud charges are resolved by the bank. Rest assured it will be straightened out, but the time in between the fraud and the straightening out can certainly add stress to your life.

The credit card is borrowed funds. If fraud strikes, it takes a while for the consumer to be liable for payment. With different billing cycles, it may be 25 to 55 days before you even become liable for the debt. If you are watching your account, it can be resolved in this time period, freeing you from any liability for the fraudulent spending.

Do you choose debit or credit? Credit cards offer maximum convenience and minimum hassle if you are the victim of fraud. Using a debit card requires you to keep closer tabs on your accounts. Develop the habit of checking your cards, whether debit or credit, on a regular basis to protect your accounts from fraud.

Roxie Rodgers Dinstel is associate director of Cooperative Extension Service, a part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, working in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Questions or column requests can be e-mailed to her at or by calling 907-474-7201.

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Photo of the day May 18

May Welcome
This photo was taken earlier in the month. A sunset along the Delta River at 10 pm. The days are getting quite a bit longer now.  Sebastian Saarloos

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Mystery Photo Winner for May 11 – 17

The winner of last week’s mystery photo is Cleeta Barger We had 19 correct entries this week.

Cleeta will receive a gift certificate from the Buffalo Center Drive-In, courtesy of John and Linda Sloan



The mystery photo is taken from the Arctic Chiropractic Building next to the vet clinic. Thank you for each one that submitted their guess.  Take the family out driving out this week to find the Mystery Photo.  You too can be a winner.


Thank you John and Linda Sloan. Website

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What your Zone Won’t Tell You About Your Garden

As the snow melts into the ground, I’m thinking about the wonderfully warm winter and what an awfully cold, rainy summer we just had and am wondering what this summer will bring.

Unfortunately, I can’t predict the weather, but by learning more about past weather we might have a more educated guess at the future. By understanding your garden’s microclimate, you’ll be able to choose plants that will thrive in your particular neck of the woods.

Many gardeners rely on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map ( for a quick and dirty synopsis of the climactic conditions in their garden — otherwise known as “zones.” Zones are also a favorite qualifier of some nurseries and seed companies. There are two main reasons I encourage you to look beyond your zone. Zone maps are based on only one thing  — the “average annual extreme minimum temperature.”  They are also outdated because they are based on data from 1976 to 2005.

I’m not going to tell you to set up weather station in your back yard, although that would be the most accurate thing to do and there are some fairly inexpensive digital temperature monitors out there. I’m going to show you a couple of tools that will allow you to zoom in on the particular climactic conditions in your garden, all from the comfort of your armchair.

First, go to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Data Online website at Enter Fairbanks in the location box then, in the dataset drop-down menu, select “annual summaries.” Now you should be able to see on the map all of weather stations in and around Fairbanks. Find the station closest to your garden, then click on “full details.” Note the elevation of the station. Is it very different from the elevation of your garden? Is there another nearby station with a more comparable elevation? Now scroll down and select the year of the data you’re interested in on the drop-down menu. Now click “view data.”

Maybe I’m just excited because there is a new weather station in Goldstream Valley where I live. I can see from the 2014 annual summary there were three days in June and two days in July where the temperature dropped below 32 degrees. I compared this with the University Experiment Weather Station where the temperature did not drop below 32 degrees at all in June or July. That made me a little depressed even though I already knew that I had several mid-season frosts last year. Because the Goldstream Creek Station is so new, there is not enough data to establish normals, however, depending on the station, the normal could be a useful benchmark.

The annual summaries are just a start and you may want to explore the NOAA data further, keep your own records, or note the following characteristics of your garden:

•  The first and last frosts of the season (and, ugh, mid-season frosts), which in turn determines the length of your growing season

• The slope aspect of your garden or farm

• Hours of direct sun each day — not to be confused with the day length

• Day length

• Frequency of wind events.

While you’re at it, decide on the best time to plant your garden in the spring by looking at the probability of the last frost in the spring and first frost in the fall in your area: (click on Alaska in the drop-down menu).

And learn more about your soil, at

But don’t forget how important things like weeding, watering, and fertilizing are to your garden’s success.

Heidi Rader is a tribes Extension educator for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service and the Tanana Chiefs Conference. She can be reached at For answers to gardening questions, contact the Tanana District Extension office at 474-1530.

This is the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Alaska (2012), provided by the Agricultural Research Service.

This is the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Alaska (2012), provided by the Agricultural Research Service.


This map indicates the NOAA weather stations in and around Fairbanks. If you go online at, you can click on the station closest to your garden or at a similar elevation for more information.

This map indicates the NOAA weather stations in and around Fairbanks. If you go online at, you can click on the station closest to your garden or at a similar elevation for more information.


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Hughes net Email is a Fraud

There is an email that is circulating around to clients email accounts.

If you have seen this message in your mailbox, know that is it a fraud.

Hughes net needs to up date payment method. The e-mail comes from

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Visitor Center Opening May 23

Photo Courtesy Birch Leaf Photography

The visitor center is gearing up for yet another tourism season.

The visitor center will open 7 days a week with expanded hours in June and July.

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Photo of the day May 15

Small storefront I photographed in Copper Center, Alaska summer of 2014.
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

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Obituary ~ Bette E. Nistler

bette_nistlerBette E. Nistler, long-time resident of the Delta Junction area, died Monday the 11th of May, 2015, after a valiant fight against cancer.

Born in 1935, in Apple River, Wisconsin, Bette grew up on her parent’s farm where she learned about toughness and hard work.  She soon married Alan Waldo of Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, and they had three children.  Tragically, in 1966, Alan died at the young age of 32, leaving Bette with three children.

Bette met her husband Joe Nistler in Minnesota in 1968, in part due to Joe’s cancelled Alaska Airlines flight which allowed for a formal date.  Joe says he’s liked Alaska Airlines ever since. After a whirlwind romance, they were married and moved to Alaska in July of 1968.  Bette’s love apparently knew no bounds, the new family lived in an old Quonset hut until more “suitable” housing was arranged in Big Delta. There Bette and Joe began a life of love and adventure that included snow machine races, rodeos – until Joe broke his jaw, building a beautiful home in the Clearwater, many camping trips with kids and grandkids, extravagant flower and vegetable gardens, and numerous exotic vacations with Joe around the globe. Bette was proud of her work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, helping to pay for more farm land adjacent to their home.

More than anything, Bette loved her family, always there to offer guidance and support, generous with her time and resources – her actions led to the success of her boys and grandchildren.  She was famous for her large family gatherings; there, with her husband Joe, her three boys and their spouses, grandchildren, and recent great grandchildren, they would meet to share her fabulous cooking and good cheer.  In the spirit of those times, her family and a few close friends gathered during her final days, exchanging stories, expressing their love, and celebrating her life full of love and giving.

She is survived by her husband Joe Nistler; sons, Don Waldo, Dean Waldo, and Dave Waldo; daughter-in-laws Sharon Waldo and Crystal Stordahl; grandchildren Heidi Waldo, James Waldo, Donnie Waldo, Krista Meeks, Alan J. Waldo, Elizabeth Stordahl, and Mary Stordahl; great grandchildren Joseph Waldo and Everette Juhlin; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins, many of which still live in Wisconsin – whom she visited often and loved dearly; and a number of life-long friends who stood by her always.

At Bette’s request there will be no formal services and specifically “no damn potluck.”
In lieu of flowers, please donate on-line to the Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska at

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Tour to Tok – Bike Ride

Come join in on the fun!

Buffalo Center Drive-In is sponsoring the 5th annual Tour To Tok (ride-at-your-own-risk) bike ride!

This 108 mile overnight bike ride begins at the Drive-in and continues down the Alaska Highway to about mile 1371.

There is a campout complete with a delicious pot luck style dinner.

The next day we continue on to Tok and have a delicious dinner at Fast Eddy’s restaurant and then hop in vehicles for a relaxing ride back to Delta!

This is a fun, family event. This years event will take place on June 6-7 beginning at the Drive In at 11:30am.

For more information email Lindsay Pinkelman at or look us up on Facebook at

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The Circus is coming to Delta!

circusThe Family Fun Circus is coming to Delta Junction on Thursday, May 28. There will be two shows, one at 4:30 pm and one at 7 pm. The circus will set up on the Deltana Fairgrounds on Nistler Road.



The Delta Lions Club is sponsoring the circus and has arranged for advance ticket sales. Advance tickets will be available from Delta Lions Club members, Delta Industrial, Delta Powersports, Timbercrest Dental, IGA, Granite View Sports, and Theo’s Hair Salon until the day of the show. Each show will last 90 minutes. Doors open one hour before the performance.


circus3Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children; Kids under 2 get in free. The price at the gate will be $12 for adults and $10 for children.


The Big Top will feature Zaira the Human Pretzel, acrobats aerial strength, the minions, clowns, animals, juggling, hand balancing, hula hoops, magic, daredevils, circus animals, the human cannonball, the Motorcycle Madness Globe of Death, and many more surprises!


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Mariah Groppel Receives $10,000 Scholarship

mariah_groppelMariah Groppel with the BP rep accepting a $10,000 scholarship. She is going to school to become a process technician at UAF.  Photo by Christy Groppel

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Raven Correspondence School Delta Graduation 2015

ravengradPlease join us for our Graduation Ceremony with refreshments to follow.

First Baptist Church
June 5, 2015

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Raven Kindergarten Roundup

For students entering Kindergarten for the 2015-2016 School Year
2 PM on MAY 28, 2015
Raven Correspondence School
Jarvis West Office Building,
Room 2A
Parent Information
Door Prizes



Raven offers computer options, an internet stipend and a Pre-K program for families with a full-time enrolled student.
Please RSVP or for more information call 895-2280.

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Photo of the day May 14

A friend and I  met the Alaska Marine Highway System fast ferry MV Fairweather for a trip across Prince William Sound to Cordova.  Steve DuBois

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Photo of the day May 13

Sandhill Cranes in flight ~ August 21, 2012 – Creamer’s Field, Fairbanks, AK.
Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos

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Photo of the day May 12

I photographed this industrious little Collared Pika early in the day at Polychrome Pass in Denali National Park. Tracey Harmon

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Congratulations Graduating Class of 2015

grad2015DHS 2015 Graduation Ceremony ~ May 14
7:00 pm in the large gym

Delta High School
Brown Riley
Crouse Veronica
Davis Amelia
Donets Nikolay
Enderle Krista
Fix Andrew
Glushko Igor
Groppel Mariah
Harbison Taylor
Hart Makayla
Hatfield Cassidy
Helkenn Josiah
Kelderman Delaney
Koval David
Krepel Valerie
Linnik Erik
Maslovtsov Andrey
Mathews Alex
Mazhan David
Prasad Donvin
Renaud Drew
Richmond Ymani
Shautt Jakob
Timoshenko Tavifa
Urdininea Andre
Wilburn Shana

New Horizons
Chapman, Trevor
Nichols, Dean
Lester, Cheyanne

Brant, Summer
Joslin, Victoria
Webb, DeeDee
Sidorenko, Yesfir
Ipsen, Darcy
Holbrook, Daniel
Knix, Abigail
Sutherland, Caleb
Mackey, Shawna

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Sullivan Roadhouse Garage Sale Hosting

This summer the Sullivan Roadhouse will be hosting garage sale spaces Saturdays this summer. Your $20 space will gain you a great location to passersby and the visitors to the farmers market, plus your fee will help support a community treasure. So keep your privacy at your house and book a space. Not limited to chamber members so please pass it on.

Please contact Kim White at Smiling Moose (907) 895-4428 or the ladies at the Visitor Center at (907) 895-5068 to reserve your space.

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Obituary ~ Emily S. Walton

Emily S. Walton
1931 – 2015

Emily S. Walton, 83, passed away Thursday, April 2, 2015, at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Emily came to Alaska in 1958 to teach in Bethel. She met Darlo Walton shortly after the school year began and, after a whirlwind courtship, they were married on March 27, 1959 in McGrath.

Emily and Darlo settled in Delta Junction in 1964 and raised three daughters. Emily taught special education and kindergarten until 1987 when she retired. She was active in her church, community and quilters guild.

After retiring, Emily continued teaching both adults and children in sewing, knitting, crocheting and cookery. She enjoyed gardening and berry picking, and thoroughly enjoyed the Alaska summers. She enjoyed life and was always excited to try new crafts.

Emily was a generous, giving person who believed that imparting a skill was one of the best ways to help someone in life.

She is survived by husband Darlo Walton of Fairbanks; daughters Zoe Walton, Kem (John) Gorham, and Tanya (Brett) Franklin of Fairbanks; grandchildren Naomi (Shane) Mayer of North Pole and Rebecca Jones of Fairbanks; great-grandson Adam Mayer of North Pole; sisters Clara Arroyo and Ruth Ocho of Grand Junction, Colorado and Della (Jim) Collins, of Hotchkiss, Colorado; brother-in-law Leland (Daryce) Walton of Issaquah, Washington, and many much loved cousins, nieces, and nephews residing in the U.S.

Emily is preceded in death by her parents, Charley and Juanita Harris, her in-laws, Olin and Ena Walton, and her brothers-in-law, Joe Arroyo and Jim Ocho. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial contributions be sent to American Cancer Society.

Arrangements are entrusted to Chapel of Chimes.

Graveside services will be held at 1:00pm, Saturday, May 16th at Rest Haven Cemetery, 4080 Jack Warren Road, in Delta Junction. A reception will follow at the Community Center, 2287 Deborah Street. Everyone is welcome to come to celebrate the life of a dear friend. 

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Non-Profit Organization is Seeking Local Host Families for High School Exchange Students

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE), in cooperation with your community high school, is looking for local families to host boys and girls between the ages of 15 to 18 from a variety of countries: Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Japan, to name a few.

ASSE students are enthusiastic and excited to experience American culture while they practice their English. They also love to share their own culture and language with their host families. Host families welcome these students into their family, not as a guest, but as a family member, giving everyone involved a rich cultural experience.

The exchange students have pocket money for personal expenses and full health, accident and liability insurance. ASSE students are selected based on academics and personality, and host families can choose their student from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and personal interests.

To become an ASSE Host Family or to find out how to become involved with ASSE in your community, please call Cindy at 1-800-733-2773 or go to to begin your host family application. Students are eager to learn about their American host family, so begin the process of welcoming your new son or daughter today!

Cindy Keeney
ASSE Western Regional Office

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Photo of the day May 11

Arriving in Valdez, John Wright and I watched male arctic terns trying to find love by offering fish to various females and fighting among each other for the best location to make the offering     Steve DuBois

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Law Day/Open House ~ May 29

For the community of Delta Junction.

Magistrate Judge Tracy Blais is retiring and there will be an opportunity to stop in and visit and/or ask any questions about the justice system.

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Baccalaureate Service ~ May 13


ALL graduating seniors, their family & friends in Delta Junction are encouraged to attend.

Location:  First Baptist Church (on the Richardson Hwy).

For more info contact Pastor Dave Becker – 895-4490.

Date: Wednesday, May 13
Time: 7pm

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