We Need Letters of Support for Our Grant

Dear Community member: Deltana Community Partnership Services, Inc. (DCSP) will be applying to receive an operating grant from the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).
The DCSP’s mission statement is: “To develop and implement a 10-year plan that will address a broad scope of behavioral health needs in order to insure individual, family, and community health for all ages in the Deltana region.” For the past 3 years we have been working, with the help of Northwest Resource Associates, to create a sustainable non-profit. The receipt of this continuation grant would allow us to work as our own non-profit and continue on our mission.

The DCSP’s membership consists of local volunteers who are eager to make a difference in the Delta area and have a vision of how to bring those changes into reality. By supporting these community members and this project, you help us to show DBH that the Delta area is committed to making a change in the lives of area residents for the better.

I am writing to ask you to write a letter of support for the DCSP’s grant application. Your letter could address areas such as the work the DCSP is doing for the USDA’s food box programs, our application to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Greater Opportunities for Adult Living grant, and our receipt of Alaska Children’s Trust’s Community Café grant and the subsequent community meetings we have held to encourage community involvement. Please send your letter to us so we can include it in the funding application. Applications are due in early April, so we need your letter as soon as possible. For you convenience I have attached a template you can use for your letter of support.

This grant is a continuation of the grant we have operated under prior to now and will allow us to continue the work we have completed thus far. Receiving this grant is essential to providing the funds we need for office costs, personnel, rent, etc. We appreciate your support. Please call if you have any questions and send your letter back to me so I can include it in our funding application.

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