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Board meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
DCSP Office on Kimball Street

Attendance: Barb Flynn, Cathie Green, Rachelle Hill, Deb Snyder, Phebe Horschel, Deb Hayes, Meghan Orona, Ben Greenleaf, Ben Mercier, Michelle Trainor; on the phone: Dwight and Janize Nissen, Tim and Mary Anderson, Eileen Williams
Absent: Tena Walker (excused)
Call to order 546pm

1. Public Comment: Ben Mercier and Ben Greenleaf of Heritage Contracting introduced themselves and said they came to the board meeting to learn more about the DCSP and to address any questions regarding their Bid Form application.
2. Bid Form (see Handout): the Anderson’s (the Project Developers) highlighted the Bid Form and briefly explained the Project Description, Project Funding Restrictions, Other Project Information, Changes in Work, Time of Completion, Payments, Bonding/Insurance/Contract and Project Requirements. The due date for the GOAL Grant is December 10, 2010, and by January 2011 we should know if we got awarded the grant. Then if the ground is ready, construction could start in April 2011 and the Senior Housing Project should be completed no later than July 31, 2012.  The Andersons explained how they reviewed the bids carefully and considered the “what ifs” and with their expertise are able to recommend the bids that are reasonable and will have the best value and likelihood to complete the project.
3. Review/discussion of the Bids Received: Proposals received are from Criterion General, Inc, Anchorage; Snowy River Construction, Delta Junction; Howdie Inc., Wasilla; Heritage Contracting, Delta Junction; F-E Contracting, Palmer:
        Criterion General: (Anchorage) Proposal is thorough in demonstrating their experience with senior housing units and other projects;
        F & E: (Palmer) Proposal is sparse in listing their experience with senior housing, but Mary A explained that they have a website for us to review their work.
        Heritage Contracting: (Delta Jct) Proposal did not meet the Bid Form criteria but they declined a request for a waiver to be considered by the DCSP board today; They have experience with large-scale building projects in the Delta Junction area.
        Howdie Inc: (Wasilla) Proposal is very thorough and they have a long list of senior housing units and other facilities; Their cover letter expresses very clearly that they intend to hire sub-contractors and suppliers as much as possible.  They have the lowest bid, however, it is support by their list of completed senior housing units that also show the contract amount spent to complete the projects. Although they are from Wasilla as are the Anderson Enterprises, the Andersons stated that there is not a conflict of interest between the two entities.
        Snowy River Construction: (Delta Jct)  Proposal is thorough in the list of work experience and job reference contacts; they have experience with local construction but no experience with senior housing projects or other large-scale facilities.
4. Ptarmigan Heights Senior Housing General Contractor Bid Scoring Matrix (see Handout):
Review/discussion of the Anderson Enterprises (Project Developers) recommendation for contractor selection and the five contractor proposals for the Deltana Senior housing facility- Ptarmigan Heights.
Board members each made brief statement in support of the contractor of their choice; all agreed that the DCSP Board of Directors desire was to choose a local contractor, however, it is most important to choose the contractor based on their Bid Scoring recommendation, Bid Form application, and especially their experience in senior housing projects in Alaska. The board thanks each contractor who submitted their Bid Form and appreciates their time in considering the Ptarmigan Heights Senior Housing project.
5    Vote for the general contractor for construction of Senior Housing Facility in Delta: VOTE: 6 of the 7 board members present voted YES to accept the Bid Proposal from Howdie Inc. General Contractor.

Adjournment at 7:13pm

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