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Minutes from Nov 7 Board Meeting

Deltana Community Services Partnership
Board Meeting
November 7, 2010

Attendance: Barb Flynn, Cathie Green, Rachelle Hill, Deb Snyder, Tena Walker, Meghan Orona, Phebe Horschel, Eileen Williams, Deb Hayes (phone), Dwight and Janice Nissen (phone)

Time started: 235pm

1. Resumes: All board members should send their updated resumes to Deb Hayes
2. www.deltana.org website: someone needs to be designated to keep it updated with current contact names/numbers and correct meeting dates; the designee is undecided at this point.
3. Anderson Enterprises Development Services Agreement (see handout)
 – Board members reviewed the Agreement
  – The Owners are the DCSP, and any changes or requests must go through Project Director, Deb Hayes, who is the point of contact for communications.
  – The Developers are the Andersons
  – Changes made to the Agreement are under point #4, last two paragraphs (page 3): delete the “…on or before December 31, 2012,”  to read “…6 months after completion of the project” and also delete “…after December 31, 2012” to read “6 months shall accrue”
VOTE: Deb S. moved to accept the Agreement with the changes, Eileen W. seconded; unanimously passed
 Refer to Handouts: 
  -Anderson Enterprises Development Services Agreement
  -Greater Opportunities for Affordable Living (GOAL) FY 2011 GOAL    Preliminary Application Form (for budget breakdown).
4. Resolution 2010-02
 VOTE: Passed, Barb F and Rachelle H signed
5. Resolution 2010-03
 VOTE: Passed, Barb F and Rachelle H signed
6. Administrative Operating Policy and Procedure Manual): (see handout)
-Board members reviewed the Policy and Procedure handout, made some minor changes; this will be used for the senior housing project;
 -Rachelle to make corrections on the Policy and forward to Barb to print and sign
7. HMS Fee Proposal: (see handout)
-will be paid upon receipt of the bill
8. Other Handouts Reviewed: 
 Ptarmigan Senior Housing Design Narrative

Adjourned 430pm

(Submitted by Rachelle Hill, DCSP Board Secretary 11/17/10)

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