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Senior’s Workgroup Meeting Notes

Compiled by: Cathie Green, Deborah Snyder, Rachelle Hill

Reviewed by: John Lewis

February 18, 2010

Workgroup Members:
Cathie Green
Jim Harris
Vera Gorban
Deborah Snyder
Mary Leith-Dowling
Rachelle Hill
John Lewis
Judith Farrow

Ted Sponsel – ph

Call to order: 5:34pm
Additions to the Agenda: Luau

Senior Housing – The workgroup discussed the need for grant research and application to seek funding for the Market Analysis needing to be done for the senior housing. It was suggested that we look to the USDA and Rasmussen Foundation for funding as well as other possible opportunities. Many in the group asked for clarification of the Grant Updates (Pre-Development Grant, Block Grant, and Goal Grants) given in the last board meeting. Because Deborah Hayes was not present in this meeting, it was decided to shelve the discussion until answers could be given by Ms. Hayes.

Medical Health Workgroup/Banner Health – James Shill, CEO of Tanana Valley Clinic, and Jim Little, Project Coordinator for the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation, came to meet with Dr Andreassen and also with Mike Tvenge at City Hall on January 28th. They are very willing to work with Dr Andreassen if he agrees to work on a transition plan with them so that a new clinic can be ready by 2012 (the year Dr Andreassen announced to be his last year for being Delta’s full-time physician). Tanana Valley Clinic and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital are locally owned and operated but are part of a larger Health Care System called Banner Health. Mr. Shill and Mr. Little agree that having a medical facility next to a senior housing facility is a great fit because of transportation issues that can be a problem if they are far apart. They also plan to come back to Delta and do a short presentation to the City Council so they all have an opportunity to discuss how the City wants handle the 2-3 acres of land for a new medical facility. They also mentioned that Delta is not large enough to support more than one medical clinic, so they will wait for Dr Andreassen to decide how he wants to work with them.

Discussion and decision concerning the Luau – The workgroup voted and has agreed to a formal withdrawal to sponsor the Luau because of a lack of notice (date) and lack of information on what the agreement is with Patsy for food, drink, etc.. The senior group understands that the Market Analyst is a necessary component for securing Senior Housing Project in Delta however decided not enough information was provided and that was not the original intent Luau was intended for and was surprised by it being address in the senior meeting e-mail notification.

Announcement – Judith announced that the Mormon Church is sponsoring a Lasagna Feed Fundraiser for Alpha Omega Saturday, March 20th at the Community Center. Tickets are by donation. Marsha Taylor is the contact person.

Adjournment – 6:32pm

Next Meeting – Thursday, March 18, 2009 DCSP conference room

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