Work Group Minutes

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Toll Free Conference Number: 1-888-626-7441, then code 1949899#

Call to Order: 05:30pm
Barbara Flynn
Rachelle Hill
Cathy Greene
David Flynn
Ted Sponsel
Deb Hayes
Matt Walker

Additions to the Agenda:
· Board Training and Strategic Planning Class-Facilitated by Ted Sponsel

Coalition General Meeting will be held on Monday March 15, 2010 5:45pm-7:00pm

DCSP Open Board Meeting will be held on March 3, 2010 5:45pm-7:00pm

Grant Updates: Facilitated by Deb Hayes (Executive Director)
· We are coming up on our 3rd year of being funded from the Department of Behavior Health, and this is the year where the DCHSP Project must implement a prevention or intervention program into the Deltana community as this is the last phase of the strategic prevention framework, which we are following. The DCSP has encountered some setbacks last year, such as the Vista volunteers not working out and the fact that some of the grant opportunities that we have pursued have not been approved, thus we do not have the funds to maintain office support at this time. We must use this year as an opportunity to look at the whole enterprise and maybe have to change some of our priorities.
· The Pre-Development Grant for the senior housing project was submitted on Feb 9, 2010 by Anderson Enterprises on behalf of the DCSP. Copies were delivered to all applicable agencies and to the DCSP. Anderson Enterprises advises that we should know if we have been awarded this grant by April of 2010. Mary Anderson stated that she thought we had a very strong application.
· The Block Grant with the city of Delta Junction has been put off till next fall. The DCSP will continue to work with the City and perhaps seek a partnership for senior housing project or community center funding . IT may be possible to request assistance for the expenses of the market analysis.
· The Market Analysis will not be funded under the Pre-Development Grant as previously expected. The price is anywhere from six thousand to twelve thousand dollars. We agree that we will have to try harder to fundraise in the future.
· City Counsel supported the DCSP by providing a letter of support to be included in the Pre-Development grant package. Thank You to City council.
· Goal Applications come out in the summer. Goal grants will make up the majority of the money needed to fund the Senior Housing Project.
· Qualifying for the Goal Grant will take lots of Fundraising. We were advised of our week areas as far as qualifying for this grant. 1. The DCSP’s Site control is not strong. We may want to look at the city donating the required land out right to the DCSP, keeping with the Campus idea. We believe that the land to be donated by the city is in a prime location and other services can be added to this Campus.

Marry Workgroups or have Joint Meetings:

· The DCSP board is considering having Joint meetings to bolster attendance and participation. The proposed new joint meetings would look like this.
1. Senior
2. Children/Youth
3. Health Services/Family Wellness

Fundraising Events:

· The DCSP has one fundraising event planned for March 13, 2010 at the Clearwater Lodge. It will be a Luau Barbara Flynn has received a verbal from Patsy Ewing on the Date. We have secured the Big Delta Blues to play that night and will have DJ Dancing music in between band sets. We still have to work out the details of the Luau and post the information on the websites. Things we still need to address are:

1. Menu
2. Tickets
3. Decorations
4. Flyers
5. Advertisements

Joe Brokus Resignation: The board will have to replace Joe. The By-Laws state that the board can put someone in place for the rest of the term. Joe currently held a 1 year term. The board is currently collecting a list of possible candidates. If you are interested please submit your name to the DCSP Board by calling Barbara Flynn (President DCSP) 907-590-1970.

Note Taking during Board and Coalition Meetings:

· We agreed that the Secretary is responsible for taking notes only at General Coalition meetings and Board meetings.
· She will not be responsible for taking notes during work-group meetings

Board Responsibilities/Job Descriptions and By-Laws

· These Documents were reviewed by all board members present at the work-group meeting.
· Board members also reviewed definitions of terms such as Executive Session, Closed vs. Open board meetings and things of this nature.
· We discussed the possibility of changing the lead time for Board meetings, and then decided to put a new clause into the By-laws addressing the fact that if 6 of the 7 board members agree to have a meeting sooner than 15 days then we can have the meeting without 15 days notice.

We have not voted on this subject because this meeting was a working meeting. This vote will take place on March 3, 2010.

Office Assistant Update:
· First of all everyone on the DCSP board was very sorry to hear that Debra Snyder was not going to work with us in the capacity of office assistant.
· The DCSP does not have the funds to hire an office assistant and the previous position was funded through Northwest resources DBH grant (DCHSP).
· The DCHSP might consider in the future funding a part time employee who will be trained within the constraints listed in the funded grant guidelines.

New Business:
· Board Training and Strategic Planning Class-Facilitated by Ted Sponsel

1. Mr. Sponsel and Ms. Hayes will be available to give this class around the 2nd week of April. They are planning a 6hour class in order to address several topics of interest to the DCSP.
2. Some of those issues are: Strategic Planning, Board of Director Roles and Responsibilities
· Cathy Greene discussed the possibility of providing guest speakers to the wellness sessions that are conducted at the center in which Tena walker runs.

No votes were carried out at this meeting as it was a work-group put together in about a weeks’ time. Voting on these issues will take place at the quarterly board meeting on March 3.

Adjournment: 07:15pm

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