Senior’s Workgroup Meeting Notes

Date: January 21, 2010 Location: Deltana CSP Office Board room


Shirley Beck
Jim Harris
John Sloan
Joe Brokus
Eileen Williams
Rachelle Hill
David Flynn
Tom Gorman
John Lewis III
Dick Karr
Judith Farrow-ph
Cathie Green
Barb Flynn
Pam Verney – ph
Robert Rucker III
Vera Gorban

Deb Hayes
Deb Snyder

Ted Sponsel
Tim Anderson
Mary Anderson

Call to Order – 5:31pm

Welcome – Each one present introduced themselves

Announcements – Deborah Hayes, Project Director, opened the meeting with a synopsis vision and purpose of the DCSP and with an introduction of Anderson Enterprises. Deb stated the purpose of the meeting was to hear from Tim and Mary Anderson concerning the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation 2010 Pre Development grant for the planning of senior housing in the greater Deltana region.

Anderson Enterprises Presentation: Tim and Mary Anderson – Mary briefed the workgroup on their history as developers (see attached document)

Tim reviewed the step by step process ,that they as consultants, would guide the DCSPI through if the Partnership chose to employ their services. He stated that the Pre Development Grant would be for $14,000. These funds would pay for their services, pay an architect to draw up basic lines for the senior housing complex, and perform a Market Analysis, as well as do soil testing and determine if the site is buildable.

Once that is completed then another AHFC grant would be pursued for the implementation of the planning and construction of a senior housing complex. The senior housing complex would be 8-10 independent units built on the 14 plus acres to be donated by the City of Delta to the DCSPI located behind City Hall on between Deborah and Hayes Streets.

Later more housing or more assisted-living units can be built as the demand arises. The architect can lay out our wish list for the land so as we expand and development other needed facilities then we have a logical plan for the space.

Con-census of Senior Workgroup – The Board met with the workgroup to hear their input about the Anderson’s proposal.

The workgroup agreed that the Anderson’s have a reputable resume and experience doing similar projects in rural Alaska. They are clear and upfront about their consultation services.

The group discussed the long-term sustainability of the housing units, and how it will be managed, but the group decided that the Anderson’s pre-development planning and market analysis will provide the best information and direction for this housing project.

There was a unanimous agreement to employ Anderson Enterprises to write and submit an AHFC 2010 Pre Development grant

Adjournment – 7:15

Next Meeting – February 18, 2010 DCSP conference room

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