Deltana Community Services Partnership Board Meeting

Date: January 21, 2010 Location: DCSP Office Conference Room


Board Members
Barb Flynn
Joe Brokus
Cathie Green
Vera Gorban
John Lewis
Rachelle Hill
David Flynn

Deb Hayes
Deb Synder

Ted Sponsel
Tim Anderson
Mary Anderson

Directly following Senior’s Workgroup Meeting

Call to Order – 7:15pm

Anderson Enterprises – Barb Flynn, DCSP board president, briefly shared with the Andersons that the Senior’s Workgroup agreed to employ their services to write and submit the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation 2010 Pre Development Grant application to obtain funds to perform a market analysis for senior housing due February 9, 2010.

The board unanimously agreed to employ Anderson Enterprises service.

Tim and Mary Anderson signed the agreement contract on behalf of Anderson Enterprises.

Barbara Flynn, DCSPI Board President signed the agreement contract on behalf of the Deltana Community Services Partnership, Inc.

Adjournment – 7:30pm

Next Meeting – To be announced, DCSP conference room

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