Another Sample Letter of Support for Senior Housing

January 25, 2010


Dear Name:

For over two years, the Deltana Community Human Services Partnership Project has administered and completed a comprehensive community needs/ resource assessment by assigning small work groups to administer surveys and interview tools to target populations in the Deltana region. This activity created a profile of population needs, resources, and readiness to address the problems and gaps in service delivery.

Recently, the DCSP senior work group surveyed 448 seniors by telephone. Over sixty-seven percent of those surveyed agreed senior housing was necessary for individuals to remain autonomous and living independently in their community. The DCSP has learned that senior housing is among the greatest needs currently identified in the community and is basically nonexistent in this region. Consequently, there is a great need for these services throughout the Deltana region.

Deltana Community Services, Inc. is planning to meet this need by building an affordable senior housing complex across from the Community Center in Delta Junction. We are submitting a proposal to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for consideration to fund the pre-development activities for this project and need letters of support.

I am writing to ask you to write a letter of support for the senior housing to include with the proposal. Your letter could address areas such as senior support of local businesses, the need for the units, support for senior housing, growing populations, and convenience of having senior housing located near the other services such as the senior center, library, shopping, and community activities. Please send your letter to us as soon as possible so we can include it in the funding application. Applications are due by February 9th.

This proposed project will be for seniors age 55 and older. It will be completely ADA compliant and will be built with some extra features that seniors have identified as useful for senior living.

We appreciate your support. Please call if you have any questions. Send your letter back to me so I can include it in our funding application.

Your name here

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