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Youth Workgroup Meeting Minutes

Date: January 19, 2010
Location: Deltana CSP Office Conference room

Joe Brokus – Chair
John Lewis
Mindy Eggleston
Deb Hayes – Staff
Deb Snyder – Staff

Call to Order – 5:40pm

Shooting Match – Joe and John will attend the Sportsman’s Club meeting, January 29 to finalize the details for the air gun shooting match for youth.

Ideas for other events – The group discussed having a youth activity involving basketball. Joe will speak with Pastor Becker of the Baptist Church for use of their gym. There is interest to participate with the Festival of Lights in February. Deb Snyder will contact the Chamber of Commerce for details.

Delta Ski Club – Mindy Eggleston shared that they have a three goals set:
1. Community Ski Days once a month (the next one is January 31st, click here for the flyer)
2. A Community Trail Plan (to be announced later when plan is finalized)
3. Elementary Ski Program (2010 is organizational time; hope to be operational come spring 2011)
They already had a ski day in December at Lost Lake and said it was enjoyable and very successful.

Adjournment – 6:20pm

Next Meeting – February 16, 2009, 5:30pm, DCSP conference room

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