Family Wellness Workgroup Meeting Notes

Date: January 13, 2010
Location: Deltana CSP Office Conference room

Workgroup members
Cathie Green – Chair
David Flynn
Rachelle Hill
Tena Walker
Phebe Horschel
Deb Snyder – Staff

Call to Order – 5:38pm

Recruitment –  Cathie encouraged everyone to bring someone new to the next meeting. The group needs more involvement from the community

Family Wellness Clearinghouse (Data Base) – This was shelved for later discussion when Ted Sponsel can join to group meeting

Bulletin Board at IGA (Available Services). – Tena Walker will pursue other service agencies in the area to make a joint effort in making the Family Wellness shadow box become a reality, so services are listed in the IGA entrance for public access.

How to support Tena’s community weekly group meetings. – Tena shared that they have a need for furniture, floor pillows, toys…etc… Any donations are appreciated that will make the Red Building on the corner of Nistler Rd. and Richardson Hwy. welcoming for those who attend her weekly meetings. There is a need to purchase Emotion Anonymous books for the weekly meeting to facilitate those who participate.

The group discussed an Open House to be planned at the Red Building to promote community support. It was suggested that the Children’s group also participate in the planning of this Open House since Tena has a Play Day for parents and children each week on Thursdays. When the plans are finalized an email will be sent out to the Coalition and a Public Service Announcement published.
Where do we go from here…  There was a con-census among those present at the meeting that concentration be given to support the existing meetings Tena has weekly. Cathie Green and Deborah S. will follow-up next week with attendance at her meetings

Grants – Deborah Hayes continues to look for grant opportunities that would assist the workgroup in securing counseling services in the Deltana area.

Adjournment  – 6:50pm

Next Meeting
February 10, 2010
DCSP conference room

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