Children’s Services Workgroup Meeting

January 6, 2010

Attendance Log:
Deb Synder – Chair and Staff
Laural Jackson
Tena Walker
Barb Flynn
Ted Sponsel – Guest -phone

Call to Order 12:10

Additions to Agenda: Ted – Head Start

Any Reporting: Ted shared that he will have more to share about procedure and application for a Head Start Program in the Deltana area at a later date. The person to whom he needs to speak with is not available until next week.

On-Site visit Imagine and Learn: Development Center and Montessori Preschool:  Deb and Barb made a on-site visit in October and were impressed with the work that Rae Ann Filla, owner and administrator of Imagine and Learn: DCMP, is doing with the children in her care. The children were well mannered and friendly. Her site includes a fenced in play area and rooms available for different formats of activity and instruction. Certainly child friendly and safe.

Plan a Play Day:  Deborah Snyder spoke with Letha at City Hall; the fee for non-profits to rent the community center is $50. The group has chosen to give more thought about a Play Day and will share at the next meeting.

New Ventures of Workgroup Members:  Deborah Snyder shared about her visit to Gloria Williams’ in-home childcare. Glori is providing affordable childcare for parents in need and facilitates four children at the same time. Her care includes not only play time and other activities, but some kindergarten readiness instruction.

Tena Walker renting the red building on the corner of Richardson Hwy and Nistler Road. It accommodates Emotions Anonymous and Women’s Recovery Tuesday evenings along with an area for parents and children to gather for a time away from home each Thursday for Play Day between 10am to 2pm. This time is set aside for parents/guardians to bring their children for a time of mingling with other adults and children. Deborah Snyder will publish a flyer to help facilitate Tena’s efforts to gather parent and children for a time of fun and relaxation.

Parent Training:  The group tabled discussion on this matter until a later time.

Preschoolers with disabilities in the public school: Laural Jackson, Assistant Superintendent with the Delta/Greely School District, shared that school district’s preschool program is funded for children with disabilities. They facilitate families that have children who are not able to travel to school as well if that is required for them to get their educational program. An Infant Learning Program is also offered through the Department of Health and Social Services. In March a Parents’ Meeting given by the State Department is will be held for parents of children with disabilities. The exact date and time have yet to be announced. Laural gave to the group a list of special education services available along with a copy of the Pre-Elementary School Application for Approval Handbook and Child Find flyers (a statewide effort to locate and identify children ages 3-21 who are either in or out of school and in need of a specialized educational program.). Copies of these are available in the DCSP office.

Adjournment: 12:45

Next Meeting: February 3, 2010
DCSP Conference Room

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