Deltana Community Services Partnership

The following graph represents the service needs identified by the November 2008 survey. Priority is determined by importance, urgency, and ease of procurement. The line represents the period during which each service need program(s) will be designed and implemented.

NOTE: Start dates do not have to occur during the first year of the date range. The membership and board of directors will begin each when they believe that the workload can be addressed.

Click here to see the graph.


Each need service need will require a core of community individuals who will focus on that given need. Workgroups will be formed during the first implementation year and continue through completion. Each workgroup will decipher the actual need for that service, seek out and develop community assets, cultivate Fairbanks and Anchorage services were applicable, and find funding to implement the needed service.

The board of directors will coordinate workgroup efforts and serve as the formal body to make contracts and working agreements with other service agencies, government entities, and private businesses. They will maintain oversight responsibilities and coordinate fiscal matters. Funding requests will come through the board of directors and be coordinated with other workgroups.

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