Meeting Minutes ~ January 5

Recorded by Katie Charlie, Community Liaison

Deltana Community Human Services Partnership Project Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2009

Attendance and Introductions:
Ted Sponsel, Project Consultant
Deborah Hayes, Project Director
Joe Brokus, Concerned resident
Barbara Flynn, Concerned Resident
David Flynn, Concerned Resident
Katie Charlie, Community Liaison
Tammy Truelove, Concerned Resident
Rachelle Hill, Public Health Nurse
John Lewis, Kiwanis
Deborah Snyder, Adult Learning Programs of Alaska
Kenneth Farrow, Alpha Omega
Cherise Kron, Concerned Resident
Cari Loftis, Delta Wind Reporter
Dan Cooley, School District
Daniel Aguayo, Concerned Resident

Ken, on behalf of Alpha Omega, thanked Boeing and the other private groups that donated over 800 cans of food during the holidays.

Deb Hayes announced that we are officially partners with Arctic Alliance. We will be represented at next Wednesdays meeting.

A professional consultant group, Foraker Group Alaska, will be conducting two seminars in Fairbanks. The newly elected officials will be invited to attend and will have the fee paid for. The first seminar is about Effective Board Meetings on Wednesday January 21st from 5pm to 7pm. The second is about Business Building for Non-profits and is on Wednesday January 28th from 1pm to 5pm. Google Foraker Group Alaska for more information. Deborah Snider requested someone to bring back supplemental readings from these seminars for those who are unable to attend.

Ted outlined what was discussed at the last meeting. (1) Forming a non-profit and establishing an Incorporation Committee by electing temporary officers because the Delta Economic Community Coalition that was previously thought to be inactive is in fact still in operation. (2) Review data results to draft a plan. (3) Renaming of group.

Deb Hayes said that 11 ballots had been received online so far and ballots will be accepted until midnight tonight. Ballots were passed around and then collected by Ted.

David Flynn spoke about the Emergency Response Program and how they are currently under-funded and need more quality equipment. The volunteers only get money for gas and $2 an hour for their assistance. The local doctor requested a $2,500 monthly stipend to be the doctor consultant on the emergency team. John said that the City Council eliminated the training funds, and although the City Council has approved the purchase of another ambulance, the Emergency Response Program may not be a high priority. There is assistance from Ft. Greely for emergencies, but the details of the extent of their services are unknown. The Delta emergency team looks at grants to help purchase equipment, but they are lacking in funds to obtain what they feel is necessary to be able to efficiently help the public in emergency situations.

The Fire Department leader recently left unexpectedly and they will be deciding who will be the replacement leader at tomorrow nights meeting assuming they have it due to the weather. Tomorrow’s City Council meeting has been cancelled due to the cold weather.

Tok has a great emergency response system, 5 gas stations, and five hotels among other businesses, and it may be beneficial to attend their City Council meetings to find out what their process is so that we can model their system. Deb Hayes said that Tok made priorities to ask for community building projects like the Boys and Girl Club. She agreed that it would be beneficial to look at Tok’s model.

Ted asked if this is something that we want to take on. Barbara and John said that we should pursue and assist them in the future when and where we can. There are already medical services outlined in the draft plan analysis so we do not have to rush this decision.

Barbara suggested that as a voice of the community we could go to City Council to assist groups to get help get the funding they need. For example, instead of a $150,000 fence for the airport we could use those funds to help other community projects.

John said that the Kiwanis and Lions Club are looking into building an outside basketball court and will be looking to ask the City Council to help fund the project. The City was previously concerned with the location near the baseball fields because the soil is substandard to build on. Deb Hayes noticed that this may be a good reason to use as a capital improvement project request.

Cari has noticed that the more representation at the City Council meetings the more likely they are to receive funding. The City has time they set aside for reports and we can use that time to inform them of our goals. Katie was asked to attend as the Community Liaison and she accepted. She is also willing to attend other community meetings as a representative and travel to Tok for their City Council meetings as well.

Dave asked about this group writing a letter to City Council about using the money that is allocated to the airport fencing project on other things. Ted said that he has spoken to City Council members and they are looking for input from our group to help with projects.
Dave moved that the group write a letter of concern to use money the money spent on the airport fencing on other needed projects like the basketball court project and more equipment for the emergency response team. Motion was seconded by John.

Deb Hayes pointed out that the capital improvement projects are dedicated to things and not services. The legislature wants to see a community plan and if the City has already submitted their plan and budget than maybe we should take our concerns directly to the legislature. We can outline the emerging needs that our group has identified and give suggestions on how to spend the money. Dan asked if the Rescue team has sent a letter of request to the legislature. If not, than we cannot do anything to help. John assumes that they have, but does not know for sure. Dan said that the City Council would have sent the letter on behalf of the rescue team.

Ted pointed out that the legislative session is close and that a letter at this point may not be that affective. It was decided that we should have a representative learn the process so that we are informed and can learn how to make a difference. It may be too late to do anything this year, but we may be able to affect next years budget. Capital improvement projects are only once a year.

Rachelle attends the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and said that we should have a representative attend their meetings as well.

Dan said that because we are still developing our voice we may not yet be in a position to help community groups. Ted agrees and said that we are looking at projects eventually, but we should not be acting right now until we are better established and visible in the community. It is important that we realize we are in a process and we will get there.

Dave’s motion was tabled until we better understand the process first and Deb Hayes reminded us that capital improvement projects are only annually so we should be active in next year’s plans. In addition, non-profits can submit their own community capital improvement projects without going through City Council. Ted suggests that we bring a report to the City Council to establish voice and notify them of our future intentions and all agreed.

Ted briefly went over highlights of the Articles of Incorporation. Ken made a motion to accept articles as written. The groups name went under discussion and Ted amended Ken’s motion to accept the Articles of Incorporation but change the groups name to the Deltana Community Service Partnership. The motion was carried and the Articles will be filed with the state to get the non-profit 501(c) 3 status.

Ted suggested that the members read through the by-laws and make any changes that may be necessary for our group. Deb Hayes will accep
t changes through email at until the end of the week, Friday January 9th. A special meeting will be held by the newly elected temporary officers to review the edited by-laws and ratify the document to vote for approval by the membership at the next general meeting which will be Monday January 26th at 5pm at City Hall.
At the next meeting we will review and discuss the draft plan analysis and focus groups will be established. April is grant season so we need to have the plan in place.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

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